I loved this book December 28, 2022

Well that bargain didn’t last long. It seems we have to hurry if we want the good deals. But enough of that.

There are many things about this book that I loved. There was one thing in particular, though. Read on to see what that was.

Romeo’s Way (Mike Romeo Thrillers Book 2)

Mike Romeo had a difficult life as a kid. Bullied, not fitting in, misunderstood, neglected at home, he had to find ways of coping to survive. He started life as an overweight kid, that was bad enough but attending university as a young teen was no picnic and his out in both cases was books.

A kind soul took pity on him as he grew older and taught him to box. Well enough to hold undefeated titles. As an adult he was a powerhouse with an arsenal of moves that made him a formidable opponent. That coupled with his vast reading and wicked sense of humor, he was amazing.

That’s what I loved most about him, his sense of humor. His opponents were either impressed or confounded with the flow of pithy quotes. Most of the time words did the job leaving no need for physical altercations.

He wasn’t a fun kind of guy though, life had taught him enough hard lessons that he would never be the life of the party. He was more apt to be a runner when things were uncomfortable. The definition for uncomfortable was relative. It didn’t take much for him to decide to move on. He had friends who disagreed and wanted him to stay.

All of the characters had depth but Mike Romeo was by far my favorite, just as the author intended.

I loved the way the story played out and the way it ended.

This was a Five star read, definitely.


Book description from Amazon…

“I don’t want anybody bleeding to death, okay?” I said. “I think your problem is education. There’s just no discipline anymore. You have to know there are consequences for bad behavior. Without that, society falls apart.”
Baton Guy croaked, “I can’t breathe.”
“You just can’t go around doing this sort of thing,” I said. “It isn’t right. Now, one of you is bleeding pretty badly and won’t be riding a bike anytime soon. The other one still needs to learn, am I right?”
“Don’t kill us,” Knife Guy said.

Mike Romeo, the former cage fighter living low in L.A., doesn’t look for trouble. He doesn’t have to. It comes after him. So when he’s hired by a California senatorial campaign to do undercover work, Romeo doesn’t have any illusions. Especially when his duty takes him to San Francisco.

But as Romeo gets closer to solving the mystery of who is behind the hit job on an honorable man, things heat up in the City by the Bay –– and between Mike and a beautiful political operative. Until a bullet nearly takes him out for good.

Now all bets are off. Because if there’s one thing Romeo wants, it’s justice. And he’s going to get it––his way.


I guess the synopsis was going for no spoilers and in my mind that’s why it didn’t do this book the justice it deserved. The reading experience was so much better than the book description led me to believe it would be.

This book is definitely on my top five list. Although 5 is too small for the number of books read that should be on my top five list. Maybe I will make it a fat five so more will fit. I’d have to read fewer books for there to be a smaller number of top five books, so we have to be creative.

This book is worth the read at any price.

Check it out and . . .

Happy Reading

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