Free and bargain books November 17, 2022

This looks like fun.

Pistols and Poinsettias: A clean read whodunit filled with mystery, suspense and murder (Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series Book 3) 

Steve isn’t celebrating Christmas…he’s trying to survive it.

Blind PI Steve Smiley loathes Christmas—too many memories. When his partner secures an invitation for them to teach at a mystery writers’ conference in Miami, what promises to be a welcome early December escape turns into a tidal wave of mysteries to solve.

Steve and Heather walk into the midst of a raging civil war between two factions of the writers’ group. When they agree to locate a missing author slated to be the next organization president, they find themselves plunged into the midst of the battle. Before they can solve that mystery, another one lands at their feet, along with a dead body.

With more than a thousand mystery writers watching, Steve’s reputation is on the line. He and Heather make a plan to unravel the mysteries and expose the murderer. But the killer has a plan too. Steve’s no longer worried about enduring another lonely Christmas…this year he just wants to survive it.

If you like your Christmas reads full of mystery and suspense, you’ll love Pistols and Poinsettias!


Look at that, here is a FREE book related to our newest bargain. How can we pass up free?

Jingle Bells, Rifle Shells: A clean read whodunit detective mystery (Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series Book 2) 

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…Rifle Shells?

Blind private investigator Steve Smiley and his partner hear a rifle shot. Hordes of Christmas shoppers scatter. A famous big-game hunter drops to the sidewalk. They grab the beautiful teen who was arguing with the man and flee to safety. Bella, the adopted daughter of the victim and a celebrity in her own right, shows no emotion over the murder. Her one passionate request: find her birth parents.

Smiley and McBlythe’s search intertwines with the murder investigation of Bella’s adopted father again and again—and uncovers a shocking secret. Like it or not, they must first identify the killer in order to discover the truth about Bella’s adoption.

A host of suspects line up like Santa’s reindeer. Can the determined investigators tie a ribbon on the case? Will Bella have the best Christmas ever—or will death and heartache be the only presents under the tree?


Yesterday’s wonderful book is finished and I will save talking about it for the weekend when there is more time. It was like savoring every morsel of the best dessert ever. The perfect blend of ingredients.

It reminded me of another reading experience, early on in my Kindle life. I’ll dig out those books to share with you if I can.

That’s it for tonight.

Happy Reading y’all

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