Bargain books October 21, 2022

It’s Friday and the sun is shining. It’s looking like we may have books too. This first suggestion by BookBub is with an author we’ve seen several times. I’ve looked through my lists and her name is not there so I’m guessing I didn’t have a strong opinion one way or the other. There are five books in the collection and I’m struggling for reading time but still, with that many books it’s a good chance to form an opinion.

I like having opinions because it narrows down the mind boggling choices, for one thing, and it protects us from unsatisfactory reads, for another. Boring is the worst. Well thought out, well written books are the best.

So, back to the collection.

Finding Love Medical Romance Boxed Set: Five Sweet medical Romance

Whispers of Love
Two people determined not to fall in love, but love has other plans.Can Ty get over his past to fight for the wonderful future standing right in front of him as he learns to trust God? Will Jordyn let go of her fear and risk her heart for a chance at true love?

A Chance For Love
He’s a Prince. She’s a foster kid turned nanny. They’re world apart. When the nanny challenges his parenting skills, he is determined to do better. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. But can a prince and a street girl beat the odds?

Destined To Love
It was just a kiss on a dare. But their lives were altered forever. When he finds out he’ll be working with the only girl who’d ever believe in him, he sees his chance to apologize for humiliating her. Righting the wrongs proves more difficult than he imagined and now he doesn’t want just her forgiveness, he wants her heart.

Home For Love
She’s a widow who has loved and lost. He’s just been jilted. Neither of them have love in their plan… As situation forces them together, Jared finds it hard to step away from the woman and her two sweet kids who have captured his heart. Alison knows the longer she depends on Jared, the harder it will be to leave. If only she didn’t have to leave.

A Second Shot At Love
Two people unlikely to fall in love. When circumstances beyond their control push them together, Stormie and Jordan fight the growing attraction for each other. Can they possibly be given a second shot at love?


This next one has a definite bent toward talking about God, just sayin’. They are fiction stories though so there is that. I’m sharing this collection for those of you who would find it appealing. There is something encouraging to be found in these stories, especially if we are facing hard times ourselves.

A Whisper of Peace: A Mosaic Christmas Anthology IV 

Jesus came into this world silently, bringing the gift of peace to a hurting world. In the midst of the crazy, messy lives of the people in these stories, will they be able to hear His whisper of peace over the clamoring of their hearts this Christmas season?

A Mosaic Christmas Anthology IV


Christmas at the Crossroads” by Eleanor Bertin

Myra and Sue are best friends. One is raised in a strict, religious home, the other permissively indulged. Which one will influence the other? When the teens are caught breaking the law near Christmas, the consequences force them to a crossroads with unexpected results.

The Magic of Christmas” by Lorna Seilstad

Occupational therapist Shayna Winters will do anything to create some magic for her pediatric patients this Christmas. But when an accident on the gridiron lands Dante Gallo’s nephew in her care, she has to find a way to make her former boyfriend see that peace is more than an illusion.

“A Single Spark of Light” by Sara Davison

God had abandoned him a long time ago. And Ty didn’t blame him one bit.

Tyrone Jones will never forgive himself for the people he hurt in the past. And he has no reason to believe that God will ever forgive him either. Until he meets a stranger on a bridge one night a couple of weeks before Christmas.

A stranger who sends Ty on a quest that just might change his life—and his heart—forever.

“Reclaiming Tomorrow” by Angela D. Meyer

An old threat resurfaces, forcing Josie to face her greatest fear.

Josie Ferris is making strides to build a new life when an old threat resurfaces. Will Josie trust her new friend Daniel enough to let him teach her how to defend herself so that she can stand up to the man determined to destroy her future?

“Whispered Miracle” by Stacy Monson

Casey Younghans has bounced around foster care most of her life. About to age out and unprepared to be on her own, she faces an uncertain future alone. Being sent to Outlook Adventure Camp for Christmas is just one more place she won’t be welcome. Then she meets Lula, the tiny dog with understanding eyes, and the camp staff who seem to accept her, attitude and all. Could she actually find a way to fit into the world just the way she is? It would be a miracle.


Ten books, that counts as a good day.

Now, off to work since the sun is finally off the office computer. That’s the trouble with the change of seasons. The sun is lower in the sky and can full on peek in all of the windows enough to be a nuisance.

There is another one of those annoying words. peak and peek

Happy Reading y’all

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