A little more this-and-that September 20, 2022

I am wracking my brain. I have nothing but I want to write. Just because.

On top of that I would like to keep the days-in-a-row posting thing going a little longer. I haven’t been doing very well at it as there are skipped days here and there. I do care, really, but some days – not so much.

I’m searching for a specific word and can’t pull it in. Frustrating. Anyway.

My current read is a mystery but it’s an old book written by an author hugely popular back in the day. It has a different flavor than the more recent books we have been reading. It’s reminiscent of the whodunits we used to read. Like the Agatha Christie style mystery. Was it the butler? That’s a famous phrase . . . blame it on the butler.

Usually there is a large dinner party with overnight guests and a sprawling mansion. Sometimes on an island or a large estate where there are lots of opportunities for clandestine meetings or nefarious goings-on. There is always a murder, the place is locked down until the murderer is found. Always at the end of the book. The whole book is all about solving the mystery.

In the case of this current read it’s a hotel on an island. The murder happened several weeks ago and the police, as of yet, have no suspects, at least not any they are willing to tell us about. The main character has just arrived and while she could sense an undercurrent of tension she has no idea what is causing it.

Until she couldn’t sleep and was on a midnight walk with a self-invited male guest she’d met at dinner. He was out and about for who knows why, and at that time of night. The rugged terrain was scary enough without learning about the murder at such a distance from the hotel. Then he admits that none of them have provable alibis.

That’s about as far as I got in the book. They are back inside but things don’t feel a whole lot safer with shadowy figures moving about the hallways.

So here is the book.

Wildfire at Midnight: The classic thriller you will not be able to put down. 

The tense, twisty murder mystery which will have you on the edge of your seat.

‘Mary Stewart is magic’ New York Times

Following a heart-breaking divorce, Gianetta retreats to the Isle of Skye hoping to find tranquillity in the island’s savage beauty.

But shortly before her arrival a girl’s body is found on the craggy slopes of the looming Blue Mountain, and with the murderer still on the loose, there’s nothing to stop him from setting his sights on Gianetta next . . .


Check it out, it’s still a bargain.

Happy Reading

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