This and that part two. August 15, 2022

It would be helpful if I put the coffee cup under the spout before I press the start button. It did prove, though, that I can move pretty fast first thing in the morning. The unusual sound of water meeting plastic alerted me to my mistake early in the process or I could have had a mess to clean up, although the counter could probably use a wiping anyway.

I’m grateful, more often than I’d like, that the Kuerig designers thought to create a platform to hold unexpected liquid. Especially for those times when distracted me forgets I did push start and though the dark colored cup looks empty it’s not. I hate it when that happens. I’m usually not there and there is a mess to clean up. The overflow reservoir is not built to hold 12 ounces.

The added blessing . . . usually it was only hot water. Coffee comes later, and the good smell reminds me I did push start. Probably awhile ago.

Sometimes I get to drink a cup of very hot coffee.

In last post I mentioned I was almost finished book 5 in the current collection and the ending would still be a surprise. The surprise was, it was anticlimactic. Sadly.

The good news is there are still four more chances to be delighted.

OK, I’m off to drink my cup of hot water. It’s still mostly hot. I think I need that cup of coffee, and my stomach reminds me it needs breakfast.

Photo by lilartsy on

There could be book suggestions today. I will be back if they look good.

Here’s to a hot cup of coffee.

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