Free book July 15, 2022

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion this morning. The cover looks very familiar but I’m not seeing this book in my library. Could have read this somewhere maybe? It’s free, I’ll read it to find out if it really is familiar.

A Heart of Stone: Clean Mystery Romance (Opposites Attract Book 4)

A baby’s future hangs in the balance, sparking a heart-rending mystery. Why didn’t Cash’s sister leave him guardianship of her daughter?

Instead, she leaves her infant in her friend Jane’s care. Though a lifelong friend, Jane isn’t family. And the baby is the only family Cash has left. He insists on being involved in raising his young niece.

In the midst of this, strange things start happening at Jane’s dress shop. Can the two overcome their differences–and perhaps build a new family together?

Only if his heart of stone can be softened. From a Carol Award-winning author: a faith-filled, second chance romance with a touch of mystery.


Sadly, that’s all we have for today but, there is always hope for tomorrow.

Happy Reading!

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