Read and enjoyed March 06, 2022

This has been a productive weekend for both book reading and blogging. A very satisfying situation, to be sure.

Here is my latest finished read. By a prolific and favorite author.

It was enticing because the danger level was high and so was the emotional stress level. The setting was different this time too. The change in scenery created new variety both in the situation and the characters involved. This was an enjoyable change. Hopefully the rest of the stories in this series will follow suit.

Brandon (Lantern Beach Blackout: Danger Rising Book 1) 

Physically he’s protecting her. But emotionally she’s never felt more exposed.

The last person tech heiress Finley Cooper ever wanted to see again was Brandon Hale. Two years ago, Brandon shattered her heart. Now Finley needs protection, and, against her wishes, Brandon is assigned the job. Even worse, they must pretend to be a couple in order to find answers.

Brandon, a former Navy SEAL, met Finley while on an undercover assignment in Ecuador. But he broke her trust, and now he doesn’t blame Finley for hating him. As a new Blackout operative, Brandon’s first assignment throws him into Finley’s life 24/7. Someone wants her dead, and it’s clear this person won’t stop until that mission is accomplished.

To keep her safe, Brandon must regain Finley’s trust. Can he convince her she’s more than a job to him? Or will peril permanently silence them?


The next book in the series is coming out soon and is available on pre-order, at a bargain price. I have my order in. I would like it to be my next read, sadly I will have to wait a month. I’m pretty sure I won’t be bored, though, while I’m waiting.

Dylan (Lantern Beach Blackout: Danger Rising Book 2)

His job is to protect her. The trouble is . . . she doesn’t want protection.

Former Navy SEAL Dylan Granger’s new assignment requires him to both use his tactical abilities and tap into his acting skills. Hired by Katie Logan’s father, his job is to protect the gutsy university professor. But Katie can’t know Dylan’s protecting her. Instead, Dylan must act as her assistant.

Katie—a former reporter—has stumbled upon a lead she can’t ignore. Now, it’s clear someone is targeting her, but she refuses to back down. Her handsome new assistant is a welcome distraction from the chaos. But Dylan’s skillset goes way beyond his job description, and Katie is determined to discover who this man really is.

Dylan’s mission can’t be made known—not if he wants to keep Katie safe. But as his feelings for her grow, acting like someone else becomes more of a challenge than he ever imagined.


My current new read is shaping up to be a good one. This is my second book with this author and I’m looking forward to the experience.

Bayou Liberty 

An emotional story about the importance of family, the secrets of the past, and the healing power of love.

Growing up, sisters Maggie and Sawyer were close and carefree. Following their parents’ death when they were teens, Maggie was forced into a caretaker role for her younger sister, changing the nature of their relationship forever.

Years later, Sawyer’s turbulent marriage finally ends, and she returns home to live with her sister. But the reunion is bittersweet. Maggie, now running their parents’ old bed and breakfast, reveals a diagnosis of cancer.

As the sisters reconnect and support each other through tragedies, a friend from the past reemerges, and with him, secrets about their parents that could change everything.


Happy Reading y’all.

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