Free books March 02, 2020

BookRunes has a Free collection suggestion. I’ve read and enjoyed this author but not these books, a very pleasant surprise indeed. It seems like most of the suggestions lately, I’ve read. Although, as I check out the synopsis book 1 is sounding awfully familiar. Not a big deal if I have, there are still three more in the set.

Wind River Hearts Box Set: Books 1-4

Town marshal Danna Carpenter doesn’t need anybody. Especially not city slicker Chas O’Grady who seems determined to get in her way at every turn. But when she and Chas are forced into a marriage of convenience, they’ll have to work together to find a way out of the parson’s trap and catch the outlaw gang that’s terrorizing the town…

Erin O’Grady is the perfect mark. Or she would be, if former confidence man Jesse Baker hadn’t reformed. When they end up stuck together on a long train journey at Christmas, Jesse discovers that starting over isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. Can he complete his quest for redemption? And win Erin’s heart?

First impressions count and Liza Bennett and Rob Darcy seem to be star-crossed from the moment they meet. Liza wouldn’t care about the man at all except for the fact that he seems determined to ruin her sister’s chances with her perfect match. She vows not to let that happen. Even if it means she has to endure Rob’s presence and her secret feelings for him…

Penny Castlerock needs a place to hide from an unwelcome suitor. The quiet refuge she finds on her grandfather’s ranch is short-lived when she finds herself roped into helping neighbor Jonas White with his passel of ornery kids. Matchmaking kids. Who seem to think she’s a perfect match for their shy father, a man with secrets she delights in discovering…


Happy Reading!

I’m liking my current read. I’ll share it next post

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