A Podcast and a book January 12, 2022

Twice, back to back. I couldn’t help but watch it again. Donald Miller has an awesome way of expressing himself. It makes you want to hear more. That’s why I went for the second listen. After that it was time to check out his many popular books.

Books were discussed in the podcast but the overriding theme (I felt) was his current business. He coaches entrepreneurs needing help to improve and grow their business. In the course of the conversation he handed out great tips. It was worth listening just for that.

His latest book is Business Made Simple. His second last book is Hero on a Mission: a Path to a Meaningful Life. They both looked interesting but the book conversation that intrigued me most was a book called Blue Like Jazz. That’s the one I ended up with and I’m excited to read it.

Here are the three books


This is tonight’s podcast. Donald Miller is a fascinating and relatable man. He is down-to-earth, real, with a gift for clear communication.


I had to share. I hope you find this as fascinating as I did.

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