Loving my current read December 31, 2021

Yesterday I was complaining but not today. Today’s book had me reading until 3 am on a night when I had planned for a midnight lights out. Good intentions right out the window. I’ve read every single page, every single word. No skimming.

I was thinking about cooks this morning. Some are better than others and then there are chefs, able to outshine everyone else. Writers are like that. Some can dish up amazing stories. Today’s story is one of the best.

Falling For The Petticoat Physician

She’s a woman in a man’s profession.
Puma Ridge needs a doctor, but they never expected a woman to step off the stagecoach in response to their advertisement, and no one wants to be the first to use her services. Dr. Charlotte “Charley” Adams isn’t afraid of a little skepticism and disapproval, though. She overcame much bigger challenges while becoming a physician, and sooner or later, need will outweigh the townsfolk’s reluctance. So why does the disapproval of one grouchy, gray-eyed stagecoach driver thoroughly rattle her customary composure and resigned heart?

He hates the profession.
Experience is the best teacher, and Cooper Knight has enough of it to know that physicians are bad news. However, his protective instincts won’t let him ignore the pretty tenderfoot when she gets herself into trouble, and before long, he begins to see the woman behind the medical bag. But when an unexpected discovery fractures their developing relationship, will Cooper allow forgiveness to heal them both? Or will the tragic mistakes of the past destroy their future?


That’s all I have for now but I’ll post again later if there is more.

In the meantime…

Happy New Year and Happy Reading everyone.

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