Such an interesting interview December 30, 2021

This intelligent man has an intriguing story and an amazing life, but most of all he has an engaging way of relating it to us.

This interview is definitely on my top ten list for 2021.

If you enjoy the Bible or if you are curious about it you will appreciate this interview.

In the process of explaining how he wrote the one year bible he shares that he’s is always working on the notes and each year he reissues a version of the scripture with updated notes.

I do have a print version of a one year bible (laid out so that at the end of the year we will have read the entire book) but he has a free app with an online version. I’ve downloaded it and look forward to following along every day.

This gentleman is also actively involved in the Alpha program if you are familiar with it.

It is a program is set up as an entry level introduction to Christianity for those searching for answers. It has been around for many years and thousands, if not millions, of people have completed the course.


I’m listening for the second time.

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