This and that December 22, 2021

Tomorrow is not Christmas Eve? Whew.

It’s always a relief when I get ahead of myself and find I’m wrong in the right direction. It’s the pits when I’ve lost a day and it’s later than I think.

I have some last minute shopping to do and it’s challenging. Partly because of shortages (no Christmas gift bags at the Dollar Store,) and partly because my intended gift store is gone. It’s been replaced with other businesses. How sad is that? It will have been a casualty of covid restrictions last year. Now I have to think of something else for a gift. It’s tough when some of us are hard to buy for. It’s that stage of life when there is nothing much we actually need or want. This extra day to think and look will save my bacon.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when I use slang I try to remember to search and make sure there is an available meaning. What good is a slang expression if you don’t know what it means. It’s amazing what can be found on the internet, I don’t think I’ve tried to use an expression yet that couldn’t be found.

Getting back to the gift I have to rethink, maybe I can find something at the garden store. Maybe a yard ornament or something, for one of her many flowerbeds. (It’s a good job she doesn’t read my blog, the surprise could be blown.)

As for the important gift I needed to find today… I was successful – sort of. My daughter wanted a hoodie (like everyone else is getting this year) in some shade of blue. It’s a good thing she wasn’t all that stuck on the color (I could tell by the way she answered the question) because all I could find was a grey one. I liked it a lot and I hope she will too. It looks like her, if that makes sense.

They were having a sale and right below her rack there was another one with a hoodie I thought I would like. It’s built short and wide, which isn’t all that flattering, but hey loose is warmer than tight. And since I’m always cold…

In fact, this one isn’t even enough tonight, I’ve added another layer, that makes four. I’m finally warm.

I’ll let you see.

so intense… it’s the picture taking thing
Four heavy layers is finally enough.


What will I do when winter really gets here? lol

We haven’t talked about books but I am reading, so…

Happy Reading y’all

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