Free and bargain books November 13, 2021 Part two

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Hope (Rescued Hearts Book 2) 

Recently widowed, Luna Salcedo is recovering from years of emotional and physical abuse. On her way home to her temporary housing at Hope House Women’s Shelter, she spots an injured dog lying in the road and realizes it’s still alive. Without a second thought, she carefully rushes the dog to the vet.

Carl Thomas can’t explain his draw to Luna. He’s admired her from the day she came to Hope House, and they’d formed a tentative friendship. When she asks him to take in the dog she named, Hope, he immediately agrees. Only, he didn’t realize the amount of care required.

As Luna and Carl work together to restore Hope’s health, attraction blossoms. Carl knows he’ll have to take it slow, but can he convince Luna that not every man is like her abusive late husband?

Hope is the second book of the Rescued Heart series, where dogs help to bring love to the ladies of Hope House Women’s Shelter.


An interesting book showed up while browsing

A Distant Heart (Burning Dress Ranch Book 1) 

Two wounded souls. One loving, relentless God.

Welcome to Burning Dress Ranch.

Miss Sally, the mysterious and secretive owner of Burning Dress, established the operation with a very particular mission—to make sure her charges leave with a useful skill, and to share the love of Christ with their hurting, wounded souls.

Cecelia Huggins, broken by a bitter, shameful divorce, has come to Burning Dress to take control of her own destiny. She wants to work and learn. She doesn’t want friends, and she certainly doesn’t ever want to fall in love again.

Jax Taylor is foreman of the Burning Dress and he’s the perfect man for the job. Most of the ranch hands are women who are healing from some pretty tough blows. Just like them, he’s pushing past his own hurts and would rather drink poison than fall in love again.

Miss Sally has had some tough cases before but Cecelia and Jax may be the toughest. How do you convince two stubborn hearts that the only way to find rest for their souls is to give in to love?


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