as promised, Chautona Havig free and bargain books for this week

Author Chautona Havig has a FREE book-a-day happening this week in an effort to cool us off during this hot summer we are having. Each book is free for two days.

Here is yesterday and today. Both Free.

Next will be the bargain books

Hmmmm. I’ve checked them out and they are not showing up as bargains, yet.

I’ll check again tomorrow. Sometimes things don’t go through as requested. Hopefully it will be resolved.

In the meantime there is a popular collection on pre-order. There was a move on, trying to get the numbers up enough to be on a best sellers list. I’m not sure if it happened, maybe we can still help them out. I’ve done my part, ordering my copy back in December. Many of these authors are on my favorites list so I’m excited about it. Order your copy to help out too.

This was what the December version of the cover looked like.

This is the newest image, which is nice because you can gain a little inspiration by seeing the contributing authors.

Save The Date will be released on September 14, 2021


That’s all I have for now

Happy reading y’all

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