Free book July 11, 2021

How could I possibly say no to a FREE book from a known and appreciated author. I can’t. Even though not adding to the TBR pile would be the smart move to make. BookRunes is the suggester of book three from a series I’ve already started.

Hope for Love (Hope Ranch Book 3)

Amazon quote:

A reformed playboy. A woman who trusts horses more than men. And a road trip gone wrong.

Royal Hewitt never expected to move to Hope Ranch, but his grandparents’ warm welcome makes it too appealing to turn down. All he needs now is to furnish his cabin on the cheap and convince Sophie Ellison to give him just one shot at a date.

If Sophie could figure out how to make teaching horseback riding to kids pay all the bills, she’d drop her day job in a heartbeat. Even if it meant more opportunities for Royal to hit on her. His good looks and easy flirtations leave her weak-kneed, but she knows better than to trust a guy like that.

Sophie’s skill at dodging Royal comes to nothing when she agrees to loan him her truck–and her driving services–to pick up some equipment. Surely she can hold out against his charm for just one day. But when the trip takes a turn for the worst, more than Sophie’s heart is at risk. Does she dare take a chance and hope for love?


Self control still works. I resisted the urge to browse and this is it for post #2. That should be worth a gold star, at least in my estimation it should be. It’s not easy. Resisting.

I was hoping to finish the current read soon but it’s warm in here and the eyes are having trouble staying open. An afternoon nap would be an excellent idea right about now. Think I will do that.

Happy Reading y’all

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