Read and enjoyed June 04, 2021

There were five new books this week, from an author I was excited about getting to know better. The first I’d ever read from her was a book downloaded the beginning of May. It was a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed it immensely. That’s why I was ready to go for five more.

Of the five, I’ve read and enjoyed four and one was a favorite, hands down.

First, we have the three not quite favorites. They were good just not quite as good.

My favorite had more depth, the story held together better, and I didn’t feel the need to skim like I sometimes did with the others.

Finding Alissa: A Memory Loss Story (Finding Trust Romance Series Book 1) 

She has no memory of her past. His memory is perfect, and yet he cannot believe his eyes.

Alissa Martin has reached her breaking point. Packing a suitcase, she leaves town in such a hurry she can hardly see straight. Distracted by her thoughts and the torrential rain, a semi forces her into a devastating accident.

A year after losing his beloved wife, Elle, Derek Andrews is not ready to move on. His father-in-law is threatening to cut him and his children off if he doesn’t find a wife and mother for the children. But Derek could never love another, and his children would not accept a stranger as their mother. It’s too much to ask of anyone. 


At first when I considered the plot it felt like a story I’d previously read. I knew it couldn’t have been because it didn’t show up in my library. Once I got into it I knew this was a new story.

I could read this one again.


There is still one more to read in this group.

The Act of Falling

By the description for this I’m not expecting my favorite to be upstaged… but you never know.

It’s a good thing these have been fairly quick reads or I wouldn’t have made my way through them in the short time I’ve had.

I’m not sure yet but this one could be next. I’ll let you know next time


Happy Reading

from a scorching part of the country.

A week ago, or less, we had frost at night, had to cover the tomato plants, and now it’s gone to the other extreme. A high of 35c today and a forecast high of 39c tomorrow.

Currently, it’s 11:15 pm and 24c.

I like feeling warm for a change and I don’t have to work outside in the heat, so I’m good.

The girls painting my house didn’t have such a good time but at least they got to quit early.The paint dries too fast and doesn’t stick properly in 30+ weather.

I did notice they weren’t complaining any about having to quit and I was glad to see them go.

They are predicting a hot summer here this year. It will be interesting to see if they are right and it materializes.


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