Bargain books June 02, 2021

Back for a second look. After reading and enjoying one of yesterday’s downloads I’m back for more of the wishlist bargains from this author. Tayla Alexandra.

The thoroughly enjoyed book from yesterday with lots of twists and turns …

Finding Alissa: A Memory Loss Story (Finding Trust Romance Series Book 1) 

She has no memory of her past. His memory is perfect, and yet he cannot believe his eyes.

Alissa Martin has reached her breaking point. Packing a suitcase, she leaves town in such a hurry she can hardly see straight. Distracted by her thoughts and the torrential rain, a semi forces her into a devastating accident.

A year after losing his beloved wife, Elle, Derek Andrews is not ready to move on. His father-in-law is threatening to cut him and his children off if he doesn’t find a wife and mother for the children. But Derek could never love another, and his children would not accept a stranger as their mother. It’s too much to ask of anyone. 

When Derek comes upon an accident with a woman who looks identical to Elle, he claims her as his wife. Knowing it’s wrong, yet feeling nothing could be more right, Derek takes her into his home while investigating her true identity.


And now for the new ones.

Investigating the Rancher: Investigating Love Romance Series

Amazon quote:

After a brief stint as a taxi driver in Trust, Arizona, Hailey Baker has gone home to her father’s investigative service. Labeled “the prodigal” by her older sister, Melody, Hailey is determined to prove she can be a worthy member of Baker and Sons Investigative Service. But when her boyfriend, Rob disappoints her, Hailey jumps at the first chance to get away.

It’s the one year anniversary of his father’s death and the last thing Ridge Calloway needs is that reminder right in the middle of branding season. Concentrating on getting through the season and earning the ranch manager position is the only thing on his mind.

When Hailey shows up to investigate missing cattle on the Sterling Ranch, she sets off a stir among the ranchers, who think she’s a veterinary assistant.


Beached with a Billionaire

Amazon quote:

High seas. Hot sun. Healing hearts.

One terrible mistake costs Somer everything. Her only option is to start over somewhere new, as far away from her old life as possible. When her only remaining friend convinces her to go on a single’s cruise, it’s the last thing she wants to do but she agrees.

Benjamin is torn between the deception of his ex-wife, and the love for a boy he thought was his. Looking for some peace and quiet, he decides a cruise to Jamaica might be just the thing. Only he has no idea that his secretary has booked him on a single’s cruise.

Can a mishap in Jamaica be what they need to send their stranded hearts in a new direction?


Her Billionaire Dream (Her Sweet Billionaire Romance Book 1)

Amazon quote:

He’s building an empire. She’s cleaning it.

Having invested years into saving the family business from the ashes his father left, Chandler Jones has no time for a serious relationship. He has no need for a woman in his life and dates his high school sweetheart only because she is equally rich, extremely independent, and looks good on his arm. But when she ducks out on him on the most important weekend of the year, he is desperate.

Dena Gysler wants nothing to do with her rich, arrogant employer. She cleans his office and he has no idea she exists. That suits her just fine. When he offers her ten thousand dollars to accompany him on his weekend business conference, Dena is appalled. But ten thousand dollars is a lot of money for a cleaning lady to refuse. 

Dena and Chandler agree to a strictly-business plan that will benefit them both. And falling in love is not a part of that plan. 


My current read.

The Restoration (Sully Parkway Book 3)

Happy Reading y’all

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