Bargain books June 01, 2021

A bargain suggestion for us in the Historical vein.

The Teacher Who Stole His Heart: A Historical Western Romance Book

Amazon quote:

Becky Faust has never cared much about romance or marriage, at least not like most girls her age seem to. Moving to Salinas to be a teacher is a dream come true for her, and she feels like she has everything she could ever wish for. Life as she knows it is about to change forever though when the son of the late bookstore owner asks her to be his teacher. Unexpectedly and intensely drawn to this gentle and charming man, she finds herself cherishing every moment they spend together for their lessons. Could this act of kindness end in sudden heartbreak for Becky though, or is a true love she never anticipated in the cards for her?

When Carson Lattimer finds out that his father has passed away and left him the family bookstore, he knows his place is back home. He is determined to look after his mother and sister, but a secret he has kept for years is standing in his way… he cannot read or write. Even though this is a sore spot for him, one that brings back painful memories of his father’s cruelty, he decides it is finally time to learn. Turning to the beautiful young school teacher for help, Carson has no idea that his lessons with Becky will become his favorite part of the day. When their blossoming relationship spurs ill-intentioned accusations in town though, will he fight for the woman who has captured his heart so completely?

Becky and Carson experience an extraordinary connection and together they will learn what true love is. However, a black cloud seems to hang over them and a man cut from the same cloth as Carson’s father threatens to ruin their happiness. Will they manage to overcome the powerful and menacing forces in town and live the fairytale life they were meant for?


Another bargain that browsing uncovered. I’ve read and enjoyed one book by this author and now I’m looking forward to this one.

Finding Alissa: A Memory Loss Story (Finding Trust Romance Series Book 1)

Amazon quote:

She has no memory of her past. His memory is perfect, and yet he cannot believe his eyes.

Alissa Martin has reached her breaking point. Packing a suitcase, she leaves town in such a hurry she can hardly see straight. Distracted by her thoughts and the torrential rain, a semi forces her into a devastating accident.

A year after losing his beloved wife, Elle, Derek Andrews is not ready to move on. His father-in-law is threatening to cut him and his children off if he doesn’t find a wife and mother for the children. But Derek could never love another, and his children would not accept a stranger as their mother. It’s too much to ask of anyone. 

When Derek comes upon an accident with a woman who looks identical to Elle, he claims her as his wife. Knowing it’s wrong, yet feeling nothing could be more right, Derek takes her into his home while investigating her true identity.

Waking up in a hospital in Trust, Arizona, she has no memory of who she is–not even her name, and certainly not the man who claims she’s the loving wife and mother of three. 


Another one from the same author

The Act of Falling by Tayla Alexandra

Amazon quote:

When bad-girl Bekah stops in the town of Sunshine for the night, she raises the suspicion of preacher’s son, Ezekiel Gaines.

Bekah, a singer at a local Long Beach night club, is a magnet for the bad boys. When her boyfriend, Blade, gets arrested, she leaves everything behind, including her beloved guitar, to find something … else.

Ezekiel, the son of the town preacher, is also a teacher at the church’s private school. He’s quite content in his life and secure in his surroundings. Well, mostly.

Out of gas but with a plan up her sleeve, Bekah stops in the pristine little town of Sunshine, Arizona.

From the moment Bekah shows up in the church office, wearing a skirt shorter than a man’s imagination, a hoop nose ring, and a tattoo of a spider on her back, Ezekiel’s quiet little world shifts into territories unknown.

But no worries … she’ll be gone by morning.


I’m just about finished this read and enjoyed book. It is so good and it is still FREE.

The Invitation (Mustard Seed Series Book 1)

A TV news producer., a housewife and mother of two, an ex-governor, and a struggling writer. Four ordinary people with little in common other than a vague dissatisfaction with their lives, and an unpretentious invitation that seems to come out of nowhere.

Each dismisses the mysterious invitation as a practical joke. But when strange—some might even call them miraculous—things start happening, all four find themselves embarking on a journey that takes them beyond their wildest imaginings and tests their faith to the breaking point. Before it’s over, each discovers that, with God, nothing is impossible. Faith can move mountains if you open your heart to the One who has called you.


Another good book day!

Happy Reading y’all

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