A this-and-that kind of day

Books are on my mind even though, currently, I have no book suggestions to offer you. Instead I’ve been rethinking some things. What’s working and what’s not. Some parts of the original blog routine seem to have fallen by the wayside and when I take a closer look I’m left thinking who cares? Maybe they filled a purpose once upon a time but things have changed. I’m going to restructure somethings in an effort to find new routines that make more sense.

So, that’s one thing I’ve been pondering, the other thing arises out of an email I received a few weeks ago. It was such a great experience that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. The email was chatty and charming. I’ve read other stories written by my friend and they didn’t have the same effect, I’ve been trying to figure out why and how to express it so it made sense. I could be wrong but I think it had to do with tone of voice. My friend is passionate and excitable. All of that emotion came through in her email, her other writing has been subdued by comparison. I would love to see her catch the vision for the difference. Her writing could catch fire.

Sometimes I think our writing can have a buttoned up feel to it. This is probably because we are trying too hard to have everything technically correct. I think readers like to hear us shout, stomp, and fling our arms about a little. Figuratively speaking of course.

I am forced to admit, I can’t be pointing any fingers at anyone as I have the buttoned-up mode perfected. Especially with in-person scenarios. It’s a bit easier to relax hiding behind a written blog. I’ve been putting lots of effort in, hoping repetition of healthy relaxed thoughts will create a new narrative in my head. It’s easy to know how it should be, not so easy to do.

Currently I’m reading a fun book. I enjoy cheeky and witty. The main character really doesn’t care what he thinks and isn’t afraid to stand up to him. In Regency times this just isn’t done and it is not sitting well with him. The problem is, his sister wants this particular match-maker to help with her shyness around men in order to find a husband. He would do anything for his sister, even apologize to a woman he can’t stand.

Saving Lord Berkshire: A Regency Romance (Regency Matchmakers Book 1) 


I was slow in posting this and now it is a new day. Maybe there will even be new book suggestions today. You will be hearing from me again soon if there are.

Happy reading.

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