One bargain book March 17, 2021

One book, that’s all I have.

153 Entertainment is responsible for this worthwhile bargain suggestion.

The Soft Whisper of Roses

Amazon quote:

Every blended family has its problems, but how do you build a future when the past won’t let go?

Rebecca Townsend has only been married six months and already doubts Gary’s promise of “till death do us part.” Betrayed by her first husband, she’s trying her hardest to get it right this time. But when her new husband’s unresolved family issues resurface, she’s afraid she and her son will be abandoned once again.

Just when Gary thought he’d found happiness with a woman who truly understood him, the death of his first wife blindsides him with unanticipated grief and guilt. After years of letting his career get in the way of being the husband and father he should’ve been, he must now live up to his new wife’s expectations while attempting to fit his resentful teenage daughter into the mix.

But high-pressure careers don’t leave much time for stopping to smell the roses, and this family is almost out of time. A radical plan conceived by Gary’s ex-wife before her death risks tearing them all apart…or will it finally bring them together as the family God meant them to be?


It’s funny what the brain does. I was looking through my pictures for the cover The Fragrance of Roses, but not seeing it. Going back to check, I found it was actually The Soft Whisper of Roses. Fragrance was the weekly story prompt appearing this morning.

I think my version of the title would make a great book. I’ll have to check to see if it’s been done. If not, someone should write the book.

Guess what…

It’s been done.

The Fragrance of Roses (Regalo Grande Book 3)

Amazon quote:

Their son is dying, and only a miracle can save him.

Crossing racial, economic, and cultural barriers, rising-star attorney Angelica Amante married migrant farm worker Antonio Perez, and soon gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom to their two children, Manuel and Anica. Manuel, born with Downs Syndrome, was stricken with cancer as a baby, but the little family came through the crisis intact and now considers Manuel their miracle child. God had indeed blessed them.

Or had He? When the deadly disease returns with a vengeance, threatening to rip away all that is precious to them, Antonio is forced to return to Mexico to search among his family members for a compatible donor for Manuel. Angelica must stay behind to watch her young son deteriorate, as he suffers the ravages of chemotherapy and unexplained complications.

With only their faith in God and their love for each other to sustain them, Antonio and Angelica Perez face the greatest battle of their lives. Time is running out for their son. Will Antonio find the one person in all of Mexico who can save his life?


The day is young, there could still be more things showing up. I’ll be sure to let you know if that happens.

Happy Reading y’all.

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