Love, Lies, & Typewriters

This was a GOOD book. I loved it enough to give it 5 stars.

Love, Lies, & Typewriters: A Christian Historical Western Romance

Amazon quote:

At the height of WWII, New York reporter Bryce Richard is tapped to promote the concocted romance of a wounded veteran and Wyoming cowgirl Lucy Daniels, all in order to sell war bonds. But when Bryce falls in love with Lucy, he must stop her impending fake—but very legal—wedding by devising his own rugged proposal. Can this city slicker cowboy-up to the challenge? 

A heartwarming romance worthy of the Hallmark Channel, Love, Lies, & Typewriters is a funny, inspirational story about real love and real courage at a transformational time in America.


There were a number of things I loved about this book.

The plot was well thought out, fresh, and believable.

The characters worked well together. There was the right amount of tension between them to keep it interesting. They were true to their identity all the way through. There were hints letting us know who felt what but the ending wasn’t immediately obvious. It was a surprise. Well… it was and it wasn’t, which was very nice. The way it all came together was the biggest surprise.

The realness in the story was rooted in the author’s personal history. I could tell you what it was but it would be called a spoiler. That would be wrong on so many levels. Besides, there was an author’s note telling us we would have to wait until the end to hear that story. I have to say, it was worth waiting for. You’ll have to read the book if you want to know too.

Oh, can’t forget… I also loved the quirkiness in conversations and interactions. It was hilarious at times.


The tone of a book always influences the mood I’m left with. My mood is happy and upbeat at the moment.

It may or may not last with my current read.

I love quirky, dry humor. So far this new read is delivering on that score and my upbeat mood is still intact. It could be in jeopardy though given the North Korean setting, smack in the middle of dangerous intrigue. I’m sure the protagonist’s resourcefulness will have him surviving by squeaking through the tiniest of cracks.

I won’t tell you abut the other character he will meet soon (at least I think it will be soon) but I can tell you she will be a good match for him in the survival game.

I’m looking forward to this read!

The Ingenue: Political Spy Thriller (THE SPY STORIES Book 2)

Amazon quote:

America’s next endearing hero, CIA operative Alex Halee, goes off mission to infiltrate a cybercrime lab in North Korea run by the notorious Pok.

When he runs into trouble, he gets help from the most unlikely person. Bae Hwa is a thirteen-year-old North Korean girl who likes to steal backpacks. When she unknowingly gets her hands on a satchel full of nuclear codes, her entire family is in danger and she ends up in prison.

Alex is arrested and thrown in the same prison cell as Bae. It’s a race against time as he has to save them both and keep the codes out of the hands of those who want to destroy America . . .


Must go, I have a book to read.

Happy Reading….

on this significantly warmer, sunny day.

It seems the deep freeze has finally left us and it is a balmy -8c out there right now. After minus 30 – 40c… -8c feels downright warm.

(… it’s because someone could have friends or family living in our part of the world and they wonder what it’s like.) (I could hear you asking why. 🙂 )

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