Change of heart

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, or so they say. I need to tell you I have changed my mine.

Yesterday I complained about a current read with an agenda. I did know it had a major agenda but downloaded it anyway. I wanted to see what the author had to say. I didn’t expect the major player, (non-fiction,) to be hung on a minor player, (a fiction story.)

The non fiction portion was significant. It turned out to be a theological study built on the framework of the chemistry professor Emily Worths questions. Noah Shepherd was a theology professor at the same secular university and Emily’s friend recommended him as someone able to answer her many questions.

Noah went into greater detail than expected and I will admit I read very little of it. The real reason I quickly skimmed was – textbook learning does not work for me. It never has. I know this to be true by the completed two years of a three year Bible college course. I felt a distinct lack of disappointment when my college experience was cut short due to lack of funds. Many of my friends would be horrified with my attitude.

At one point in their discussions Noah made the comment about some of his answers coming from post graduate material. No wonder I was zoning out.

Anyway, I persevered with the story and eventually my appreciation for the book changed.

I stumbled across a few paragraphs of casual conversation where Noah was encouraging Emily in how the material he shared would apply to her situation. There were several light-bulb moments when his words resonated with me, fitting perfectly with where I am in life. I love it when that happens. Those few moments made the whole read worth while for me.

I think the beauty of a story in the background was ease of transition from one subject to another. He could end the days discussion after giving her enough to chew on. It was kind of a Cliff’s Notes treatment of a huge subject. Seamless.

So there we are, I’ve set the record straight and I feel better. Now I will share the book with you. Maybe you enjoy text book learning and would appreciate this mini theology course.


Amazon quote:

If you had a free summer, how would you fill it? Chemistry Professor Emily Worth is working with friends at Bishop Space Repair, Inc who are repairing satellites in space via repair robots. She’s finishing a design for a new type of battery. And she’s also doing some traveling to explore the Rocky Mountains. It’s going to be an enjoyable three months. A relatively new Christian, she wants to know God better than she does now and that, too, is part of her summer plans. What she hadn’t considered was a summer romance, but walks into one compliments of God who has been richly blessing her. This is the story of Emily Worth and Noah Shepherd. It’s also a story of God’s romance with us through Jesus for God has purposed in His heart to love us forever. Dee Henderson is the author of numerous novels


My current read is heavy too. It’s all fiction but it deals with addictions and spiritual warfare.

A Harmony for Steve (Romantic Suspense) (Song of Suspense Series Book 4) 

Amazon quote:

Christian contemporary singing sensation, daughter of Christian radio and media family counselor icons, HARMONY HARPER, has spent her entire life serving God. From teen sensation to celebrated adult Christian contemporary music artist, she regularly plays sold-out concerts everywhere she goes. Nearing thirty, and nearing burnout, Harmony heads to her mountain cabin hideaway to commune with Christ and compose some new music.

Hard rocker STEVE SLAYER faces an ultimatum: keep rocking life the hard way and watch his organs fail due to addictions, or, sober up – for real this time – and live. Hiding out in the mountains of Oregon, he spends weeks detoxing. Finally strong enough to venture into town, he comes face to face with Harmony. Over the next several weeks, the two become unlikely friends as Steve learns to love and trust God, and mutual attraction surprises them both.

Once news of their budding romance reaches the world, no one is happy. Not her people – not his people. Then letters written in blood start arriving. An attack on a concert threatens more than just their lives. Harmony and Steve realize the threats might just be real


It has been a slow day with book suggestions. I’ve spent most of the day reading, my energy levels are not the greatest today and I haven’t felt like searching. Maybe tomorrow.

Just think. In a few hours it will be 2021.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy Reading!

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