Bargain books December 23, 2020

Browsing has unearthed a few treasures for us today. Stumbling on this pre-order collection started the whole thing.

Save the Date: A Christian Romance Anthology of Faith-Filled Weddings

Some of the authors are familiar to me. I’m looking forward to experiencing the rest.

Amazon quote:

One epic collection. Twelve weddings to remember. RSVP for your front-row seat to inspirational romances that last a lifetime.

Hallee Bridgeman, Kari Trumbo, T.K. Chapin
Chautona Havig, Shoshanna Gabriel.
Dori Harrell, Liwen Y. Ho, Lisa M. Prysock, Camy Tang
Jan Thompson, Marion Ueckermann, Jaycee Weaver


Season of Hope

Amazon quote:

When a shocking revelation shatters her family and her faith,
will truth prevail and mend what was broken?

Life is good for Ronnie Coborn.

She’s newly married to a man who loves her and dotes on her daughter. A man handpicked by Ronnie’s father, a popular pastor at a megachurch who’s been married to her mother for forty years.

Yes, life is good.

Until a shocking revelation exposes the fact that everything in her idyllic life—her marriage, family, and faith—is based on a lie.


The Secondary Inheritance 

Amazon Quote:

An inheritance leads Anna to relocate to Lake Tahoe, the city where her heart was broken by Bryson, the only man she ever loved. Family secrets emerge, along with a new relationship, but she doesn’t know if she can trust Bryson not to hurt her again.

Realizing most of her family have passed away, Anna decides to become a foster parent with the hopes of adopting a baby. When baby Ember is placed with her, all her hopes and dreams are wrapped up in the child, and she’s told it’s a slam-dunk adoption case.

That is until Delilah, the child’s birth mother, shows up and decides she wants her baby back.

Neither women expect to form an unlikely friendship, but nothing is impossible with God’s love. With both of their futures hanging in the balance, will Anna and Delilah be able to find peace in the path forward?


Anther pre-order

Everything Behind Us: A Murphy Brothers Story (Book 3)

Amazon quote:

Neither wants to relive the past, but they need each other to face the future.

Connor Murphy lives by a code of honor and service. Dignified, duty-bound, and responsible, he’s spent the past eight years as a single enlisted airman, determined never to mess up another person’s life the way he did Sadie’s. As long as he follows orders, does his job well, and avoids romantic entanglements, he’ll do just fine. Of course, that last part was easier before Sadie rolled back into town.

Sadie Allen never intended to return to Sugar Pine—her hometown hosts too much regret—but she can’t face her health crisis alone. Not with a four-year-old depending on her. Even so, Connor Murphy’s proposal of a marriage of convenience wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She can’t fault his reasoning—her prognosis is grim and her son could use a father—but her heart aches at the thought of a marriage without romance. Especially to the one man she’s never gotten over.

The day-to-day challenges of Sadie’s illness are enough to strain the strongest relationships, let alone one hastily conceived in the shadow of past mistakes. Will the pressure be too much for their marriage to withstand, or will they allow God to forge something beautiful through their pain?


This has been a good day for interesting new books.

Happy Reading!

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