Bargain books December 08, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. This author has shown up multiple times on my TBR list although I don’t remember much about her. I’ll try to pay attention this time.

A Mountain Christmas Romance (Wyoming Mountain Tales Book 4) 

Amazon quote:

Stripped of the family so important to his Viking heritage, Matthias Bjork is now on the hunt for his sister. Despite combing the entire Wyoming Territory, he hasn’t found any substantial leads regarding his sister’s whereabouts, but he has discovered a most unusual woman. This woodland nymph who’s come to work for his good friend in the quiet town of Mountain Bluff is like no one he’s ever met.

Opal Boyd has finally found the haven she’s longed for all her life, in a most unlikely place—working for a German couple in this remote Wyoming mountain town. She learned long ago that most men couldn’t be trusted, but when a mountain man stops in the boarding house where she works, he seems to have the respect and affection of the two people she’s learned to trust implicitly. And the more she comes to know Matthias, she struggles not to trust him the same way the others do.

When he shares the magical experience of his family’s traditional Viking Yule celebration, she can’t help but fall a little more in love with him each one of the twelve days of Christmas. But when Matthias’ search for his sister takes an unexpected twist, Opal is forced to make a choice that will alter the course of her life—no matter which answer she chooses. When Matthias’ decisions land Opal in danger, what must he sacrifice to rescue her?


This next one is a bargain pre-release that will be out December 22nd. This is another author showing up often on my TBR list.

Ride with Me: A clean, sweet, faith-filled, small-town romance, where life begins at forty. (Chapel Cove Romances Book 10)

Amazon quote:

Hotel magnate Henry Scott lives life in the fast lane. True to form, when his great-uncle leaves him property and a Victorian house in Chapel Cove, he takes a weekend drive, only intending on staying long enough to evaluate his new found assets. If they aren’t a viable option for the next Scott Leisure Resort, he just might consider selling to the couple who’d expressed an interest in buying the old place. After all, if not for them, he would never have known about this last part of his great-uncle’s will, sealed for almost a decade.

When her new neighbor rolls into town, Tash Thornton is less than impressed. Not only is the man presumptuous and audacious, he’s downright egotistical. His grand plans for the property adjoining her stables, tack shop, and riding school do not bode well for her business.


Then there is one more bargain book in the same series (different author but one I like). It’s been around for a while and I’ve passed it by each time because it’s described as slow paced. Not my favorite. This time I’m saying why not? I’m going for it. The first few page have me hooked, once again.

Adore Me: A small-town later-life second chances romance – clean, sweet, emotional, and faith-filled! (Chapel Cove Romances Book 9) 

Amazon quote:

Widowed sixty-something Paula Montana isn’t looking for a new love. Between her pancake restaurant, her volunteer work, and her adorable-but-ill granddaughter, she’s far too busy. Besides, when you’ve lost the man you shared fifty years of your life with, anyone new has a lot of memories to compete with.

Divorced seventy-something doctor Richard Stewart isn’t looking for love, or for family. His disastrous first marriage and a son who hasn’t spoken to him for fifteen years taught him it’s wiser to focus on work. He wasn’t cut out for relationships or for faith, and being an antisocial recluse suits him fine.

But when his son invites Richard to Chapel Cove for Christmas and he meets Mark’s new wife and stepdaughter, as well as Mark’s mother-in-law, Paula, things might change for both of them!

A slow-paced, gentle, heartwarming, and uplifting Christian older-couple second chances romance, with faith, love, and plenty of cooking. Includes a bonus recipe!


I’m currently reading and enjoying a recent purchase. It has definitely been worth the read. It is a novella, pretty short, but at least it makes my read list grow more quickly these days.

My Blue Havyn (Heart’s of Hollywood series Book 1)

When Havyn Jessup agreed to join her church’s building trip, she had no idea the man who broke her heart was coming as well. The last thing she wants is to spend time with the now internationally famous actor, Levi Carter. Even if it is in Africa, where he might, if God had any sense of justice, be eaten, one tiny bite at a time, by a pride of hungry lions. Two whole weeks. She’d never survive that long.

Levi is elated to learn that Havyn will be joining the building team. He had planned to look her up just as soon as he got home to tell her what a fool he’d been. But there is no time like the present. And what better place to ensure she would hear him than when she was strapped in at thirty thousand feet above sea level? Two short weeks. Could he convince her he was a changed man in that amount of time?


This has been a good book day.

I’m glad because I’m in need of some happy moments on this not-so-great covid related day. Further restrictions are here, as expected, lasting until after Christmas. I can see the wisdom in their decisions but it’s just tough to hear how it needs to be. Some good books will help make my day(s) better

I’m hoping you liked these book selections too.

Happy Reading y’all

I’m glad I did a major grocery run yesterday. At least the basics will be good ’til after Christmas.

I know you will find this hard to believe but about the only things I spend money on these days are groceries and books. Shocking isn’t it? lol

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