Story prompt – Lost

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Lost? Me? Why would you think that?

What. You’ve heard rumors? Really? Where? Who’ve you been talking to?

My grandson’s? And you believe them? They are only kids, you can’t believe everything they say. They believe in Santa Claus. They don’t always have their facts straight.

They said I was late to a party?

I may have been late but I wasn’t lost. I just took a wrong turn. How was I to know that street went round and round through one of those new mega housing developments. I thought I could just go around the block. Done. How was I to know it would be so hard to find the way out?

There were other times?

Well, yeah, I guess. It wasn’t my fault though. I thought I could go a different route and it would work out just fine.

Why didn’t I just use GPS to start with?

I don’t trust those voices from who knows where. They give bad advice and take me places I don’t want to be.

Like the time I was supposed to pick up someone at the front door of a hotel and the lady kept taking me to the underground pick up door. I was in big trouble for being late.

Ok, so they do give me good advice sometimes.

There was that one night I was trying to find my way back to hotel-row to get a room. Eventually I asked for help and I’ll admit it did work that time.

Someone told you I could write a book about my getting lost times?

I would never admit to a thing like that. It could be true, or not, I’ll never tell.

Besides, I never get lost.

I always know where I am. I just don’t know how to get to where I need to be sometimes.

Anyway, it all works out eventually. There was only that one time I gave up and went home. Every other time it worked out just fine.

In my opinion, to be truly lost someone would have to come rescue me.

OK, so maybe there was that one time my brother had to rescue me… or was it two times?

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