Another favorite – podcasts

Books are my number one favorite activity but a close second these days is podcasts.

Now that more and more interesting people are into podcasting a number of them have quickly become regulars on my watched list.

One of the new regulars is Andy Andrews, The Professional Noticer. Andy has had a career as a comedian, conference speaker, resource person to government organizations and others. He’s written books and is now into podcasting. He still does all of the things he used to do but with covid interfering, for now, life is different, things have changed.

My mission has been to share books I’m excited about. As I watched a recent episode of Andy’s podcast I was excited enough to think I needed to share podcasts as well.

So I will.

This is an interview with Dallas Jenkins.

He’s oldest of three sons of Jerry B Jenkins, celebrated author of the Left Behind Series and more. I follow Jerry and have taken some of his online writing courses. They are excellent. If you are interested in writing I’d encourage you to check out his online presence.

Dallas is following in his father’s footsteps in terms of writing ability and creativity. He is not only a successful writer but the director and producer of films as well. His most recent popular project is the TV series The Chosen.

The almost hour long interview with Dallas Jenkins was the highlight of my week. I’d never heard of Dallas Jenkins but now that I have I’m a fan.

I want to share the interview with you hoping you will enjoy it as much as I did.

If you are in another country and this link doesn’t work for you, search YouTube for Andy Andrews and it should show up.

Be sure to check out The Chosen if you’ve not seen it. The interview will tell you more but if I remember right it is available for viewing everywhere. A simple online search should work too.

Happy Viewing.

Let me know what you think of my new idea about sharing favorite podcasts. Good idea?

(I haven’t forgotten I’m supposed to be writing something for story prompt Lost.)

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