Story Prompt – Wizard

This is week ten in the Sunday Scribblings  prompt hosted by Peckapalooza: TheConfusing Middle. 

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the comic book related Wizard Magazine Aaron (the originator) thinks of with this prompt but the word Wizard does inspire a lot of pleasant memories for me. Going back almost two decades.

The strangest memory I have is related to a fun gathering at my son’s house way back before the appearance of grandkids. Our family used to have game nights whenever we were all together but babies and little kids changed the dynamics. It’s hard to focus on the game with little people demanding attention.  By the time the kids were old enough to entertain themselves the family had scattered in all directions and game times were a thing of the past.

That night, though, it was a table filled with my sons friends with a little room left for us to squeeze in and play along. This was our first introduction to the game and we ended up loving it even though one of the guys there that night was fiercely competitive and a less than gracious loser. We loved it despite the crazy guy but I don’t think I will ever forget that evening.


Picture courtesy of Amazon.

Wizard has been a family favorite over the years and now is played as often as I can rope someone into playing with me. These days it’s usually my grandson’s and we’ve even hooked their other grandma on the game. The more the merrier.

Amazon quote product description:

  • In this ultimate game of Trump, winning tricks is the easy part
  • To score points, players must win the exact number of tricks they bid
  • Contents: 60-card deck, special custom scorepad keeps track of bids and points, and instructions.





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