Free and bargain books June 19, 2020

BookBub has a clean bargain book suggestion for us.

The Billionaire’s Destined Bride: (The Blushing Bride Series Book 8) ($0.99)

The Billionaire's Destined Bride

Amazon quote:

She needs to save her company. He’s running from a public breakup. To get what they both want, they’ll have to make a deal.

Sophia Hansen’s work is her life, putting her dreams of having a family on the back burner. But when her father declares his plans to step down as CEO of the family company, she must find a way to beat her scheming brother for the top spot, but it’ll come at a cost in the form of an alliance with a charming billionaire.

Cole Bradford is the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the Pacific Northwest. After a public breakup with an A-list actress, he’s tired of hiding from the media. When his business partner, Sophia, expresses her concerns about the future of her company, he comes up with a plan to save both of their jobs… a proposal. 


BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us.



Amazon quote:

Book Synopsis: Sent to a small town outside Astoria, Oregon, Prue Collins is under the protection of the most unlikely guardian—rude and sarcastic, Ex-Officer Henry Clay wants nothing to do with his new roommate and doesn’t mask any hard feelings, only secrets. His wheelchair gives Prue a glimpse of his tragic past and she can’t fight curiosity as more clues come her way, opening her eyes to the true stranger she’s been sent to live with—and possibly, meant to help save. But the truth is like a loose string on an old shirt—pull at it, and the entire fabric could come undone. Will Prue leave well enough alone, or risk everything, even her own heart, to know the truth?


Browsing unearthed another bargain ($1.32) with an author unknown to me.

The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride (Billionaire Cowboys Book 3) 

The billionaire's convenient bride

Amazon quote:

Marianne Lawson is a devoted single mom, working her fingers to the bone to support the light of her life, her daughter Zoe. When her own mother falls on hard times due to her savings disappearing in a fraud scandal however, Marianne takes it upon herself to look after her too, but she’s quickly reaching the end of her rope.

Billionaire cowboy Jay Parish was left with big shoes to fill when his industrialist parents passed away. Not only that, but he was also left with a big, fat secret: he isn’t the full-blooded American he thought he was. The billionaire CEO, in charge of carrying out the legacy of his parents’ company, was illegally adopted—from a country he’s barely even heard of!

Needing a quick fix to his citizenship issue, Jay hatches a plan. Marianne soon finds herself in Jay’s office, with the deal of a lifetime before her eyes—be his green card bride, and never have money troubles again—she knows it’s an offer she shouldn’t refuse, but her mother’s hatred of the misunderstood tycoon definitely complicates matters.


Happy Reading!

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