Bargain books April 26, 2020

An author suggestion by a fellow author Karen Beery (I follow Karen via email) is Angela Ruth Strong. Angela is on my Amazon followed list and we have seen her books on my read and enjoyed list a number of times. I’m checking out her Kindle book list, just now, looking for bargains we could try out. This first one is not a light read but it does have it’s lighter moments and comes highly recommended.  $1.24

Lighten Up (Body and Soul Series Book 1)  

Lighten up

Amazon quote:

Bethany Light is the daughter of a minister who can’t forgive her father for running off with the church secretary. She goes to her own pastor for counsel, never expecting to fall in love with him. To make matters worse, she’s personal training his fiancé in preparation for the big day and somehow ends up in their wedding.
Refusing to make the same mistake her dad made, Bethany tries to focus on fixing her family rather than face her own issues. How could a household that used to have it all together have fallen so far from grace? And how can she keep from following in her father’s footsteps when it feels so right?

“Lighten Up is one of the heaviest Christian novels I’ve ever read. It’s also fun, smart, snappy, real, and convicting. Highly recommended for a reader who’s looking for something different from the norm, with a lot of faith-challenging entertainment.”
Christina Berry
Christy-nominated and Carol-winning author of The Familiar Stranger

“Lighten Up is a powerful work of fiction. Strong’s characters jump off the page and into the hearts of readers. Bethany’s voice rings true with life and emotional traumas many will relate to. This is a book that makes you laugh and makes you think. It moved me. And I hated to see the story end, wondering what would happen to Bethany next.”
Jill Williamson
Author of By Darkness Hid, Replication, and Captives


This next one looks interesting although it is only a novella, 100 pages, not my favorite length, but short is all we need sometimes. A sweet $1.29. 

False Security

False Security

Amazon quote:

Alex Pierce needs Laney Winters to help him prove neither of them is responsible for the millions of dollars that went missing after Laney arrested him for bank robbery five years ago. Besides Laney not believing he truly repented in prison, there’s the problem of the real thief trying to kill her and the police department treating her like a dirty cop. With the possibility of another crime being pinned on them, Laney finally teams up with Alex to save her life. If only she could trust him with her heart, as well.


This next one looks cool. It’s a bargain at $1.29 and I’m excited to start reading.

The Princess and the P.I.

The Priness and the PI

Amazon quote:

Raised in the West Indies, Jacqueline James is on the verge of becoming a modern day princess until the prince hires a P.I. to do a background check and discovers her father is a fugitive from the States. Determined not to let her fairy tale fall apart, Jacqueline hires the P.I. to help her prove her father’s innocence.

When former police officer Beau Ryan’s wife’s murderer was acquitted, he left Miami on what would have been their anniversary cruise, planning never to return. It’s his unexpected soft spot for Jacqueline that has him swallowing down the pain to face his past.


One more bargain popped up while browsing, a different author though. A change of pace. $1.33

The Billionaire’s Gift: A Christian Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire Club Book 5)

The Billionaires gift

Amazon quote:

Joshua Banks has never been on a second date in his life. The examples he grew up with cause him to close his heart to anything resembling a relationship. But when his meddling coworker invites a woman from her church to accompany him to a ball, he finds himself wanting more from the forced upon him blind date. All his plans go out the window when she gives him an unexpected kiss. When she tells him her reasons, she leaves more questions than answers.

Kara Bell only agreed to go out with a stranger as one last act of service. She doesn’t expect the undeniable connection they share. Knowing a relationship between them isn’t possible, she does something out of her character in order to prove not all women are the same. She never expected the stolen kiss would give her a hope she thought had died long ago. Now she’s racing the clock to mend his broken spirit, but she’s afraid her attempt to bring him happiness will do the opposite. She must push past her doubt in order to do the impossible.


Last but not least, still browsing, this one is book 3 in a series where we’ve already read book 4. $1.30

Heart & Soul: A Romance (Tanner Family Book 3)

Heart and Soul

Amazon quote:

I honestly thought I was set for life—at least where love was concerned. I was dating the man of my dreams and assumed we would live happily ever after. But then he left me with a broken heart. I was embarrassed and hurt, and picking up the pieces seemed impossible.

I hadn’t sworn off men completely, but getting into another relationship was something I just didn’t care about. For the time being, I was living for myself and for the weekend, and I thought nothing would change that.

Then I met Caleb, the son of a preacher. He was not what I expected, but everything I needed.


I’ve started The Billionaire’s Gift, my current read on this beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Perfect timing to be ready to start something new.

One little hint – you will need tissues.

Happy Reading!

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