Free and bargain books March 15, 2020

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion today. Another new (to me) author. I love to cross paths for the first time with some of the great writers popping up everywhere.

A Time for Every Matter: A Christian Romantic Suspense Novel (An Offer of Grace Book 2)

A Time for Every Matter

Amazon quote:

Seven years ago, Madeline Pine went mad. At least it seemed that way. She traded in her fast-paced New York City lifestyle for a quiet small town existence. On the upside, she now has faith and a sense of purpose.

Yet her tranquil world is upended when her nephew witnesses a murder, and she is faced with the challenge of keeping him safe. Compelling and enigmatic business mogul, Hiram MacArthur offers to assist her, but their growing attraction makes him more distracting than helpful.


Chloe Flanagan also has a new book releasing soon, it’s available for $1.33 on pre-order. It is book seven in the Potter’s House Series, a series written with multiple authors and I’ve  ordered this one too. Just to see what these books are all about.

Changed Somehow: (Potter’s House (Two) Book 7) (The Potter’s House Books Series 2)

Changed Somehow

Amazon quote:

New York City actress, Natalie Rivers is a taker. She found out years ago that she has to look out for herself because no one else will. But when she loses a coveted role and her home in the same day, she is forced to take a painful look at her life and attitude. She struggles through her crisis alone, until her path collides with an eccentric pair of friends who show her the unexpected beauty of caring for others.

In the midst of finding love and a sense of purpose, Natalie’s perspective is changing. But when the heartbreak and mistakes of her past catch up with her, she will have to answer an important question: is new life possible or is she simply playing a part?


Both of these are looking irresistible.

Happy Reading!

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