Free books February 9, 2020

A group of us went to see the new remake movie, Little Women, tonight and it was great. I thought it was very well done, All of the actors did a good job with their roles, and I liked the way they arranged the script. The only uncomfortable spot in the movie was the father’s sudden return from military duty. We weren’t adequately prepared to see him and it felt like (to me anyway) a character from some other movie was slipped in. Maybe it was partly due to the way he played his role. That was a small thing though. I’d like to see this movie again.


We have one FREE book suggestion from BookRunes. This showed up last fall and it’s here again, I do recall reading and enjoying.  The window painting scenes immediately stand out in my memory.

Heart of Gold Serafina Lyndon

Heart of Gold

Amazon quote:

After the death of her troubled mother, Sienna Hart returns to her small, coastal hometown of Ruby Bay to help her estranged sisters with the estate. She is hopeful that they can mend their broken relationship, and it’s a chance to get away from her selfish, unreliable ex-boyfriend who is pushing to get back together.

Carter Palamo is a kind, handsome, yet bitter man. Burned by his last girlfriend’s cruel rejection of his proposal, he is hesitant to get involved with another woman. He runs his family’s hardware store in Ruby Bay and helps his grandmother with her Christmas tree farm, but makes no effort to bring his dreams of marriage and children to fruition.

When a new artist does a terrible job of decorating the hardware store’s windows for the holidays, Carter hires Sienna to do the work. Neither is open to love, but their fiery attraction to one another keeps bringing them back together. Yet their defenses are just as strong – both coming from tragic pasts and relationships with partners who refused to commit. Will they be able to take a risk on each other and stop the past from defining their future?


I’m not seeing much new or interesting today so we will quit at one for tonight.

I’m currently reading Granted (May Hollow Trilogy Book 3.)

I found it hard to get into this at first but I persevered and I’m liking it much better now. I expect I’ll finish it after all. It’s still FREE too.


Amazon quote:

Former international flight attendant Annie Taylor is embracing her country roots and racing toward a future with her sustainable farmer fiancé, but wedding plans are complicated by her new job, a mysterious ex-boyfriend, and a narcissistic father.

Meanwhile, Annie’s old-fashioned grandma, Beulah, is facing a shake-up in the last place she ever thought she would—home. A crisis on May Hollow Road follows a friend’s betrayal, challenging Beulah’s forgiving nature. An unwelcome diet, a new houseguest, and a possible overseas trip will all stretch her spirit—if she lets it.

Happy Reading!



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