Free books December 28, 2019

I’m back. I did think about blogging over Christmas but, it was a nice break just to be with family. Nothing interesting showed up in the daily emails or I would have been posting for sure.

Today, Chautona Havig has a FREE book on offer. Everard (Not-So-Fairy Tales) it is sort of a retelling of a fairy tale and is on my 2018 reading list. My memory is short on details but I do remember liking this one.


I’ve also found a couple of FREE books on Amazon from even farther back. Apparently I did read them but will need a refresher to remember them.

Finding Her Way is the historical story of a city girl travelling by wagon train to make a new life in the wild west. I’ll have to read it again to decide if I liked it.

Finding Her Way

I’ve read This Time Forever but it’s been even longer, 2012 or so. It’s FREE too. I’ll have to read this again along with you.

This Time Forever

BookRunes has a FREE book today. The Defiant Bride

A wealthy heiress and obedient daughter, her father disapproves of her choice in men and sends her away as an embarrassment to the family.

Travelling west the train is set upon by bandits and she’s kidnapped. One of the bandits seems to be helping her but she still doesn’t trust him.

I’m not sure about this author or the story but it looks to be worth a shot.

The Defiant Bride

Happy Reading


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