The Second Yes

Another great Romance collection from this group of writers. These prolific ladies have a talent for fresh, complex, and innovative story ideas. I’ve read a number of Crossroads collections and have yet to be disappointed.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.

The Second Yes   The Second Yes – Five Wedding Dress Romances (Crossroads Collection) – Verde, Havig, Bridgeman, Terry, Tru

Season of Surprises – Alexa Verde … The maid of honour and the best man have a painful past for a high school romance that didn’t end well. Sierra is shocked to discover they are part of the same wedding party and will be expected to work together to accomplish a long list of tasks.  When the vintage wedding dress disappears from the shop where it’s been sent for alterations, a road trip becomes an unexpected, and unwelcome, task on the list. The bride will be devastated if they don’t find it. They love her too much to let that happen.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue – Chautona Havig … Wedding preparations are distressing for the bride. With the passive aggressive control of the groom’s family over all decisions, her arrangements and choices have been replaced with theirs. He agreed to pre-marital counselling but found excuses to miss every session.  Instead, he made secret appointments to see his pastor, alone. Her pastor is distressed the way the wedding of her dreams is being derailed. It seems so unfair but it isn’t his place to do anything about it… or is it.

Black Belt, White Dress – Hallee Bridgeman … Traci has successfully been avoiding her flamboyant, artistic, mother for years. They are complete opposites. Tomboy versus girlie-girl. When Travis proposes, desperate to avoid the pink and fluffy wedding her mother has been planning since her birth, she tries to talk him into eloping. Travis is caught in the middle because he loves her mother too and can see both sides. When life takes an unexpected turn, Tracie feels the need to rethink her position on the fairy-tale wedding. But, can she follow through on that decision.

Sewn Together – Alana Terry … Woong tells the story from his ten year old perspective and he does a good job. His adoptive parents want to renew their vows on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Their plans are stalled by a family dispute over the altering of an heirloom wedding dress. His little friend’s mother is having a baby that is not expected to live. His life is impacted by this because they spend a lot of time at his house and he wants to help. His mother and aunt haven’t spoken in years because the family didn’t approve of her marriage. He doesn’t understand this and wants to see them make up. He secretly sends a letter hoping to influence the aunt to agree to the alterations and maybe come to the ceremony too.

The Second Yes – Amanda Tru … A successful designer to the movie stars of New York, London moves home because her heart wants to embrace the slower life of a small town. Most of her business is online but she still needs a space for her office and workroom. Leasing part of a bridal salon seems like a good idea until she discovers her landlady is working against her. London has attachments to all of the brides in the previous four books, in one way or another, but they are not the only sticky situations making her life interesting and difficult.

This collection was time well spent and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy reading!


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