The Lawman Returns, after football

Sunday was a great day. Our football team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, won their Canadian Football League Western Semi Final game and will play for Western Finalist next weekend. If they win that, they will play against the Eastern Finalist team for the Canadian Grey Cup in two weeks.

We were all pretty excited, the whole house full of football fans. I’m the only one in the family not really understanding much of what is going on. I mean, I have a general idea about what is happening …… it’s the rules that escape me. I like watching anyway.  Especially when they are winning.

I’ve decided there’s not a lot of hope for me, I’ve been not understanding the game for a very long time. I used to cheer for the BC Lions, decades ago when I lived in Vancouver. (I really liked the Lions even though they have a terrible track record.) The last few years I’ve been following the Bombers, and watching my grandsons football games, every now and then. You’d think with that much exposure over the years something would stick in my brain. Nope.  Thank goodness for commentators.

Winnipeg is definitely excited over the chance their team could be going to the Grey Cup.

Enough about football. Let’s get back to the subject of books…

I’m always excited when Lynette Eason’s name shows up in my daily suggestions email. Her stories are gripping and interesting, and I enjoy reading them.


The Lawman Returns Wrangler’s Corner – The Lawman Returns – Lynette Eason …..

Social worker Sabrina Mayfield answers a call to find Jordan, one of her kids, in a panic, wanting a ride. She’s getting directions when he changes his mind and tells her to stay away, it’s too dangerous. He hears someone coming and is suddenly afraid for his life. He has seen something that tells him who killed deputy Steven Stark. If they notice he has seen it, he’s dead.

In a panic, Sabrina requests backup and hurries out to the trailer park to find out what’s gong on. The place looks deserted and creepy, and there’s no sign of the police yet.

Calling for Jordan, she approaches the rickety steps. It feels like someone is watching her but she looks around and can’t see anyone. About to go back to her car and wait, she hears a cry, like that of a small child. Now she’s torn. She knows better than to go in without police backup but how can she ignore a cry for help.

She tries the door, it’s locked. Before she can decide what else to do, there’s a loud crack and something whizzes past her head, slamming into the trailer. Someone just took a shot at her.

Pulling into the driveway as the shot was fired, Deputy Clay Stark yells at her to get into his car. He is about to tear out of there, to safety, but changes his mind when she tells him why she’s there.

He is not about to pass up on new evidence and the chance to find out who killed his brother.

She doesn’t want to leave yet either, because she still thinks she heard a small child crying.

She did hear a small child. She recognizes the face in the trailer window. What was Jordan’s little brother doing out here alone in this dangerous place?

Check this author out, if you haven’t already.

Happy reading

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