so many good books…

I’ve noticed the visits someone has been making to the Romance and Mystery pages  where I keep a list of all the books mentioned in these blog posts. It’s meant to be a   resource, if you are in need of suggestions. If this is you, visiting …… thank you! I was hoping the pages would be used that way.

I was updating the lists the other day, and was looking through them, out of curiosity, to see if the lists looked anything like what my memory said they would. I was surprised to see that authors foremost in my mind didn’t appear as often as expected. I guess they are so big in my mind, not because of the number of books, but because the impression of a single book was so huge.

It was a surprise to see how few times some of my most favorite authors show up. I’m sad about this because this will give a wrong impression, or maybe no impression, and you will miss out on some great suggestions. I have thought about including books I have read, just not recently, which would rectify this situation. I guess now that I am into my second year of doing this, recently read doesn’t really apply so much anymore anyway. Food for thought. I’ll let you know if I decide to do it.

The reason I haven’t been reading my favorite authors, or the reason there may only be one book from an author, is because I am always on the look out for new authors and new slants for stories. With this focus in mind, I read a book and move on. Sometimes I will stop and read a whole series but if I do that too many times I will never get through the list of books I have downloaded. I won’t tell you that I currently have over 660 on my Kindle. I remove them after I add them to the blog, to keep the numbers at a manageable level, but it still keeps getting away on me.

I have been forced to be more selective about the choices I make but there are just so many interesting books appearing in my feed looking for attention.

There were seven more waiting to be downloaded this morning and this was one of them

The Lace Maker  The Lacemaker  – Laura Frantz …. I haven’t read this one yet but   have already started and it looks interesting. It’s about the American revolution and Lady Elizabeth Liberty Lawson. I think I have read books about her part in the war and the contribution she made inspite of the threat of being branded a spy. I’m interested in reading this one because I am intrigued with this author and would like to check her out, to see if she lives up to the recommendations. If it shows up in the list you will know I liked it.

This one I have read, the first book anyway, the other two books are on hold for now but I still recommend the collection, as I’ve read a lot of Colleen Coble, with appreciation,  over the years.

Mercy Falls Collection  The Mercy Falls Collection – The Light Keeper’s Daughter book 1 – Colleen Coble…. Addie Sullivan’s life is turned upside down when a stranger tells her she is not who she thinks she is, and the woman she calls mother, is not.  Many secrets swirl around her presence in the lighthouse. To give them time to discover where the true danger lies the stranger suggests she take the position of governess in the household of her birth.

How is your list of books coming along?

Reading choices are unique to all of us. Different strokes for different folks. Keep looking for treasures, they are out there, I promise you.

Happy reading!!


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