Manuscript for Murder

Chautona Havig is a prolific writer with some of the most unique and interesting plot lines and characters I’ve read in a while. I’ve been following her the last five years and her books are many and diverse, quite amazing. The first books read and loved were from the Past Forward Series. Her characters were well developed, in very unexpected, unique, and inspiring ways. Happily, I couldn’t help but become immersed in this story, holding my breath in places, trying unsuccessfully to imagine how the crisis could possibly be resolved. The reason I couldn’t imagine was because somehow she envisions scenes that are way outside my box. Maybe they aren’t outside the box for her, maybe she has encountered situations in life where people thought and reacted that way. However it goes, I was impressed with her protagonist, that’s why I kept reading.

Chautona is also prolific with her email give-aways, set out in emails that are fun and entertaining. Her love of life is contagious.

Getting back to the most recent book read, it was The Hartfield MysteriesManuscript for Murder book 1….. a successful, prolific writer moves to a small town because of the atmosphere and  low crime rate only to become a local celebrity. Her newest book, inspired by a minor event in her new town also inspires a new serial killer. By the time the killer has replicated the murders in 4 books in a row she is ready to give up writing altogether.  But she doesn’t give up, instead hatching a plan to help catch the killer.

If you enjoy books with a deep message mixed with a healthy dose of humour check her out. You will enjoy her wonderful covers too. There’s no sense in telling you to check her out without giving you ways to do that so….. for her website and Chautona Havig: Just the Write Escape for Facebook

Her books, previously read

The Past Forward Series books 1-6 – Chautona Havig

Aggie’s Inheritance Series – Ready or Not book 1, For Keeps book 2, Here We Come  book 3  – Chautona Havig ….. Aggie is single and shocked to inherit a ready made family when her sister and husband die unexpectedly.

Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale in Reverse – Chautona Havig

Journey of Dreams Series – Prairie book 1 – Chautona Havig  ……. this is a fantasy exploring those dreams that are the delight of our hearts

The Hartfield Mysteries – Crime of Fashion book 2 – Chautona Havig …… a successful writing career allows her to invest in a friend’s fashion dream of a high end, big city boutique. Shockingly, people are now beginning to die in this new location.

Her books, downloaded but still to be read

Noble Pursuits – Chautona Havig

Argosy Junction – Chautona Havig

Advent – Chautona Havig

Diary of a De-Clutterer – Chautona Havig

My download rate exceeds that of books read, hence the backlog of unread books, and of course the latest books are distracting to this fickle reader.  I love having so many choices ♥

Be inspired!  Happy Reading!

Since I still haven’t gotten to the rest of the books read this week there will have to be another post. More to follow.

3 thoughts on “Manuscript for Murder

  1. Thanks for such a fun post! I’m thrilled you enjoy my work. I do love to write. I’m actually working on Silenced Knight right now– a Hartfield Christmas “Noella.” Hee hee. Aunt Faye and Alexa are on a mission to clear a local wife of her husband’s murder! But it takes place about 6 years after Manuscript for Murder.


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