The goal is not to inspire you to like the same books. The goal is to inspire you to like books. Books that you like.


*there is a list of books at the bottom of every post*

ALL this week I have been thinking through the list of books read so far and it seems that most of the books have been mysteries and thrillers….. it feels a little lopsided. I do read  romances, cozy mysteries, and other things too, but the way my filters are set up in BookBub, each day’s suggestions seem to be mysteries and thrillers  more often than not. And when romances do show up I usually read them first, needing a break from the darker side, and then it’s back to mysteries again for awhile. All of that to say, I am happy that this weeks list has a bigger variety of light and dark than we’ve had so far, I am hoping you will be happy about that too.

I’ve also been thinking today about my goal here and out of that thinking has come a small change to my routine. I’ve decided that I should include books I read but didn’t necessarily like. If my reason for not liking a book is purely personal and not a legitimate complaint about the quality of writing and story line, it seems only fair to include it anyway, because … others may quite like the book. The book I’ve included today is well written, has an interesting story even, but moves at a slower pace than I like. I found myself skimming a lot and about half way through the book gave up and skipped to the last 50 pages, and skimmed through a lot of them too. I don’t enjoy rabbit trails and a lot of extra detail that doesn’t seem, to me, to be necessary to the story.  And, since well known authors have endorsed this book and I have no other complaints it seems only fair to add it to the list. I did like it enough though to want to know how it ended!

I really enjoyed all the rest of the books in this list. Check them out on Amazon for a better description of each book, maybe you will find something you would really like to read too.

Stain of Guilt (Hidden Faces book 2) – Brandilyn Collins ……  there is a 20 year old murder cold case, and the wife of the murder victim is convinced that Annie is the one she wants to draw an aged version of the suspect for a special TV show wanting to highlight and solve this cold case.

First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch – book 1  – Liz Isaacson …… Heidi is home for the summer and looking for a job to pay for her last year of Pastry Chef school. The handsome cowboy was not part of her life plan.

Brink of Death (Hidden Faces Series book 1) – Brandilyn Collins …. Annie and her kids move back to the mansion in Grove Landing after the death of her notorious lawyer father. A graphic artist, used to courtrooms, Annie find herself involved in a murder case  tasked with producing an artist sketch of the shooter.

Baking is Murder (A Bee’s Bakehouse cozy mystery) – Kathy Cranston ….  Jessie moves back to Springdale to help her aunt Bee after her life falls apart in the big city.  Life in Springdale turns out to be anything but dull…..

Every Bride Needs a Groom (Brides with Style book 1) – Janice Thompson …… Katie has always loved all things wedding and was talked into entering a contest to win a designer wedding dress for the wedding she was sure was going to happen with her longtime boyfriend.

The Random Acts of Cupid – Amanda Tru ……. Elise is a secret cupid, trying to be helpful. A lawyer discovers her secret and threatens to expose her.

Along Came a Prince – Carol Moncado ……… Ellie can’t abide pretty boys, especially rich spoiled ones, who end up in her group on a wilderness weekend. She  will discover things are not always what they seem.

None so Blind – Chautona Havig …….. Dani wakes up one morning, terrified, with no memories of her life and family. She had to learn trust and love all over again.

Beyond the Waves – Lynnette Bonner …… after many years a high school boyfriend returns to town wanting to make amends for a hurtful breakup.

Rescuing Lady Bugs – Diane Lil Adams….. Maura travels to check out a mountain cabin inherited from grandparents she hadn’t seen since her parents divorced many years ago.

Deadly Pursuit (Guardians of Justice book 2)  – Irene Hannon ….. a Child Services worker is targeted  by an unknown person with a vendetta for a wrong perceived to be her fault. ….a good story but not my favorite

Fatal Judgement (Guardians of Justice book 1) – Irene Hannon….. a Judge is targeted by someone unhappy with how their life went after an unfair but unavoidable ruling.


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