The real reason for three books at once

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*there is a list of books at the bottom of every post*

On Sunday I visited a church library, one of my favorite places in all the world, and came home with a nice bag of books. I wanted to change things up a bit and read series, complete series, instead of just one-of like I have been doing for the last four years.

As soon as I got home I sorted the books into authors, then into series and decided to start with these two that seemed to be singles. I found myself going back and forth between them for awhile hoping to feel more than slightly attracted to one of them. It really wasn’t happening for me so I started an e-book on my Kindle (it adapts better to certain situations-like reading in bed) and it worked, I soon found myself immersed in a new story. So that’s how three happens……..  and in the end one always wins out!

Eventually I did keep trying on one of the real books, made it to page 70 and gave it up. It was written well enough and the story line was appealing, but the emotions expressed by some of the characters acted as negative triggers for me and I think that’s what made me put it down.

The second book caught my interest on the next attempt and I read it right through. It seems that sometimes a story just doesn’t appeal, ever, and at other times the appeal is dependent on mood. I think that was the case with this second book, different mood different level of interest. Despite first impressions to the contrary this book seems to be the first in a series judging by the way it ended so I’ll look for the rest of the set on my next visit to the library.

Here’s a question for you, off the topic but one I have been thinking about for a while. Out of the many favorite authors you probably have, if you could name just one of your favorite authors who would it be and why? This looks like a question I can ask more than once and probably will 🙂

Looking forward to hearing who you like!

currently reading The Shekinah Legacy ( A Charlotte Ansari Thriller) – Gary Lindberg …. Intriguing. So far, the CIA, a news organization, middle eastern terrorists, the Mossad, an assassin who is part of a 2000 year old organization, a priest in the Vatican, and some of Charlotte’s relatives who are connected to all of this somehow, are all part of the story. The assassin is out to kill Charlotte and take possession of the ancient relic. Lots of major secrets to be discovered. Liking it.

Trading Secrets – Melody Carson …….. a different and enjoyable slant on a familiar theme. Amish meets English. Pen pals with a misunderstanding, he thinks she is a boy because of her boy name. This one looks like book 1 in a series…. needs investigating.

Red Rose Bouquet (Grace Revealed book 2)  – Jennifer Rodewald ……… This book is about a woman with deeply buried hurts whose life intersects with a man who has a gift for recognizing and helping children with difficult lives. A very touching and inspiring story.

The Quilt – T Davis Bunn  …… I had read this book years ago and never forgotten it, apparently I didn’t remember much more than the title! I’ll have to read it again soon. It’s about a grandmother at the end of her days making a way to pass a legacy on to her family.

O N C E : Ask Me Anything, Not Love – Mian Mohsin Zia ……… This one was interesting because the style of writing is very different. The author is writing in the voice of a culture and a language not his own and that puts a different spin on things. That and his goal of a much different ending than we usually see.

Kept – Sally Bradley………..  This one was interesting because of the depth of the friendships and the complexity of the challenges faced by the characters.

Leaving (Bailey Flannigan Series)  – Karen Kingsbury ….. A popular author I’ve read a lot of over the years.

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