Having trouble deciding how to name these ongoing lists of books…. here’s a few more for you for this month

currently reading Leaving (Bailey Flanigan series) – Karen Kingsbury…… romance/relational.  There are always a lot of deep things going on in Karen Kingsbury’s writing.

I started reading  Allerednic: A Regency  Cinderella Tale – in Reverse  by Chautona Havig ….  a little like Pride and Prejudice in style, the timing wasn’t great and I  couldn’t really get into it but will try again another time maybe. I have read some of Chautona’s many other stories in the past though (particularly Past Forward)  and really enjoyed them. She had a very different take on life in the Past Forward series and it was very enticing. Well worth checking out if you haven’t read any of her books.

Contingency (Covenant of Trust Book 1) – Paula Wiseman…. a story of betrayal and reconciliation. This story is well written and deeply moving. There is a study guide at the end so this would be a good choice as a resource in a group setting.

Leaving Serenity – Alle Wells ….. set in the 1960’s a young girl faces adversity growing up and leaves home with a boy who does not turn out to be a good choice as a husband and provider. This is a story of the empowering choices she was able to make.

The Amun Chamber (the 1st adventure of Professor David Manning) – Daniel Leston . …. ancient treasures, black market sales, enemies attempting to steal at any cost, exotic locations.  Ponderous at times but still interesting.

Before He Sees (A MacKenzie White Mystery Book 2) – Blake Pierce …. an FBI agent in training is assigned to a serial killer case because of her previous experience as a police officer. Things never go as easily as they could and trouble plagues the case and her possible standing in the FBI.

The Brickmaker’s Bride (Refined by Love Book 1) – Judith Miller….. romance/relational set in the 1800’s

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