More books for January but in the meantime…..

*there is a list of books at the bottom of every post* 

I am currently reading 3 books, I didn’t mean to but…it happened, again. I wanted to shorten the list of books waiting to be read and picked another one of Nick Thacker’s Thrillers to read, one called The Golden Crystal.

It starts out with a very recently invented submarine with a package to deliver to a secret place at the bottom of a river, the Potomac River. Decades later the story begins.   This is a thriller, with lots of fierce action and very tense moments. I like the story, it is intriguing, and I want to know what happens but…  This is seriously a guys book, they like all this action. I like stories like this too, one of my favorite series of movies is the Die Hard series with Bruce Willis but with movies you can look away and still keep up with the story, with books, not so much.

So I took a break and started reading a book about a hand writing expert whose client was involved in a messy dispute over a will.

In the meantime my mind was still on the thriller I was reading and was trying to figure out the name of title . It is not visible  at this particular place on my kindle and I just have to know. To make a long story short, I was checking out The Depths, another download of Nick’s thrillers to see if it was the same book. I was thinking it was but after the first few pages I knew it wasn’t and now I am hooked, I want to read it too. Then…. I got to the part where the dead guy sitting in her car had spike things in his eyes, and, I needed another break.

I went back to the story about the hand writing expert. It was interesting at first but disintegrated to the point I am now skimming through pages, and then more and more pages. I did the only sensible thing, with so many books waiting to be read,  quit and moved on. Now I’m back to 2 books.

I am still looking though, through my long list of unread books, for the lighter one to give me a break. I will let you know how that goes.

While looking through the list of possibles I came across the title of a book I read recently called:

The Braque Connection book 3 of the Genevieve Lenard series by Estelle Ryan.

Book 1 is called The Gauguin Connection. This series is about a brilliant, high functioning autistic, insurance investigator at a museum where she is highly appreciated and encouraged by her understanding boss. Her areas of expertise often put her in a place of danger as her skills uncover things others would rather keep hidden. She is joined in these experiences by an unlikely group who learn to love her fiercely and would do anything to protect her. The group includes her boss,  a police inspector, an art thief who is  working with Interpol in exchange for freedom and is accompanied by two of his friends-a fellow thief and a computer whiz. I love this series, it is fresh, interesting, and well written. There are 8 books in the series so far and I hope to read them all at some point.

So, back to my Saturday routine, and then maybe another book. I’ll let you know which one I finish. I hope you are all finding good books to read too!

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “More books for January but in the meantime…..

  1. I don’t know HOW you can read more than one book at a time. I have a hard enough time remember what happened in the book that I was reading after I put it down overnight. LOL You are amazing … and congratulations on starting a blog!


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