Books Read January 2017

This is the list…. so far… for this month, I will keep adding as I read, the latest always on top. I list the books I recommend, not necessarily all the books I read, although it’s true there are not many I take the time to read if they aren’t what I would also recommend. Happy reading!

When Night Falls – Margaret Daley …. mystery/romance a SteepleHill book

A Mother’s Choice – Kristen Noel Fischer  …..  a compelling story about love and complicated family dynamics.

Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations, Box set (books 1-3) – Margaret Daley …. Deadly Hunt, Deadly Intent, Deadly Holiday   three short books.

Gone The Next – Ben Rehder …… a dark subject, the abduction of a little girl, made lighter by the quirky humour of the only one who is seriously looking for her.

Water from My Heart – Charles Martin ……. indifference that causes men to live lives they are deeply sorry for. As always with his books, this one touches  deeply, in a way that words cannot adequately describe so I won’t even try. I hope you will read this book and let it touch your heart too. This is one of those read all night books!

Home to You – Jenn Faulk …. 6 year old Faith Hayes was in love with 16 year old Sam Huntington. Life takes them in different directions and they lose touch. Their paths cross again and life has not always been kind.

The Amazon Code (Harvey Bennett Thrillers bk 2) – Nick Thacker … The company behind the terrorist attack in book 1 (The Enigma Strain) has resurfaced in the Amazon rainforest, with a different threat this time, and the search is on again.

Adams Mourning: A Christian Historical Romance (The Adams Series Book 1) – Dawnya Sasse ….. People with a dream become pioneers in a new place only to be faced with daunting obstacles while trying to make the dream come true.

The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett Thrillers bk 1) – Nick Thacker ….. A bomb goes off in Yellowstone National Park. A park ranger and a CDC agent team up to solve this act of terrorism that threatens to kill the whole nation.

A Touch of Ice (Book 1 Romantic Mystery): The Everly Gray Adventures  L J Charles….. This book is sort of like the TV show The Listener. The main character in this book sees/knows things when she touches with her fingertips. It helped solve the mystery.

False Pretenses (Secrets of Roux River Bayou)  – Kathy Herman…. Book 1 in a new series from Kathy Herman,  a suspense novel about honesty and accountability.

A Goose Creek Christmas (Tales from Goose Creek B & B bk 4 – Virginia Smith  ……. Forced into early retirement he keeps this secret from his wife who has plans to open a B & B despite his lack of enthusiasm. Lots of quirky neighbours. A lighter read.

Finder’s Fee – Alton Gansky ……….A terrifying phone call, a desperate search for a kidnapped boy, darkest secrets could be revealed.

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