This and that January 11, 2023

Spring will be here in a couple of days; do you realize that?!

Winter arrived in October, it’s now the middle of January, winter lasts six months around here, it’s clear to see by the way things are going that we will be mowing lawns again in a few short weeks.

The days are noticeably getting longer, which we are all happy about, but pretty soon we will be back to day-light saving time. We could do without that pain in the butt. They keep talking about getting rid of the time change but so far it’s all talk with no resolution.

In the meantime there is still a foot of snow on the deck. I used to shovel it off but somewhere in the last ten years I lost interest. Normally I have no reason to go out there so why bother.

Today though I need to bother. I left a couple of post caps that need to be glued back on, I left them sitting on the railing where wild wind and rain didn’t seem to bother them. The pile of snow eventually did. It has been sliding off into the garden and now the caps are tipping off with the snow. I’ll have to clear a path, albeit a short path, because my boots aren’t high enough to avoid getting wet feet.

This will be my first wild adventure of the winter. (Driving on slick early winter roads is not that big a deal.) Hopefully the snow ready to slide of the roof won’t take me out when I shake the deck. I’ll let you know if I make it back.

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on

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