Free books November 03, 2022

It looks like it is shaping up to be a good new-book day. BookBub has a FREE suggestion from an author we’ve seen recently but I’ve not read, yet. Checking out the first chapter in today’s book collection, so far anyway, I’m liking the authors writing style and I’m hooked, needing to know what happens next. Sounds like there is a good chance this will be the next read. I’m hoping that PDA will not be the overriding theme. Strong story is definitely the preference for me.

First Kisses: A Collection of Sweet & Inspirational Romance Series Starters

This set includes the first books in Jo Grafford’s top fan-favorite series — full of faith, family fun (and sibling rivalry), laugh-out-loud humor, and happily-ever afters.

HEART LAKE #1: Winds of Change
The cowboy who broke her heart and the career opportunity that brings her back to the small town where they first fell in love…

After a bad breakup, former Army Ranger Matt Romero is on a new mission — to remain single. Rescuing a lovely cowgirl from a highway collision is definitely not in the plan. Neither is the unexpected attraction it sparks.

COWBOY CONFESSIONS #1: Mr. Not Right for Her
A scarred cowboy determined to remain single and the klutzy new ranch hand who trips up his carefully laid plans…

BLACK TIE BILLIONAIRES #1: Her Billionaire Boss
When the CEO of a mega corporation hires the rebel youngest daughter of his family’s biggest rival to serve as his personal assistant…


Sadly, that’s it for book suggestions today but at least we have four in this one. That’s awesome.

Maybe something else will show up later too, you just never know what can happen as the day goes on.

Happy Reading.

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