Current read April 23, 2022

A mother with an independent streak herself has given her girls all the space they need to defy convention and just be themselves. Four sisters, beautiful, capable, industrious, with personalities all their own.

We meet them all but this book is really about two of them. They are delightful with their strongly held views on life and love. It will take the right men to capture their hearts. So far the girls have been immune to all advances even though there is no shortage of interested men. It will be something to see what it will take for a suitor to win in the end.

To make things interesting, there are sore losers still trying to force a win, rejection would be enough for most guys but not everyone is so easily deterred.

A delightful read. These girls with their spunk make me smile.

Westward Wanderers-Book 3: Season of Flight

Two sisters are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Fern has always wanted to see the ocean, so when her mother asks her to accompany a wagon load of bees to Emerald City, Oregon, she jumps at the chance.

Content to stay at home, Iris, Fern’s sister, never imagines that God will call her to follow after her sister–alone.

What will the Founder sisters find waiting for them in the coastal town? Perhaps true love . . . or danger beyond their wildest imaginations. Their sisterly bond might be challenged in ways they never dreamed . . . can they pass the test?

Now back to the story. (smile)

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