Bargain book February 16, 2022

Browsing is the name of the game today. The usual daily suggestion emails had nothing new and exciting to offer so I’m systematically checking favorite author pages looking for new things.

I am not looking at Amazon suggestion strips these days as they have taken the position of a hard sell on porn and that’s not my thing. The minute I see a shirtless man I’m gone. That is usually on page two or three of a 49 to 62 page strip. It isn’t as if they don’t know my preferences, there are 3957 items (books) on my content page. I’m not buying as many books as I was but I guess that’s their loss. Less is better for me as I still have 261 unread books on my Kindle. I’m trying to significantly knock that number down.

Even with avoiding the suggestion strips I’m still adding more than I’m reading every month (big sigh.) I’m a sucker for good books!

I’m happy to see a new offering from a recently discovered author (2020) and I will look around to see what else is out there before I post this.

A Rebel’s Beacon: A Sweet Adventure Romance (Alaskan Rebels Book 2)

Bjørn Rebel has achieved his lifelong dreams: a helicopter of his own and a business showing-off his beloved Alaska.

When the local search and rescue team asks for air support, he jumps at the chance to volunteer. Not only will his experience flying evac missions for an elite division of the army give search and rescue a big advantage, it will give Bjørn a chance to redeem himself after a botched mission left rumors clinging to him he can’t shake.

Sadie Wilde is flying high on the success of the K9 breeding and training program she started with her family.

Since childhood, Sadie, her sister, and her cousins planned to have a kennel dedicated to breeding superior dogs for search and rescue and law enforcement. With her father and uncle heading up the local SAR, she’s seen first hand how a well-trained dog can mean the difference between life and death. Sadie’s determined to do whatever she can to ensure her dogs are the best. Bjørn, Search and Rescue’s newest recruit, just might be the ticket to taking her training program to new heights.


I did look and hope for more books but… no luck. Maybe tomorrow.

Check out my iced cake bird bath.

I think there is more snow on the way too. A lot of dry snow this winter.

Much better than the wet stuff.

Happy Reading guys and gals

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