Free and bargain Romance June 28, 2021

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us today. It’s by an author I’ve not read and I’m curious. Research found two bargain books in the same series and since it takes more than one book to know an author we are going for one more of them.

Numerically, we are not seeing them in the right order but that’s OK. We will start with the FREE book first.

A Cowboy and his Skipped Christmas: An Adams Sisters Novel (Chestnut Ranch Romance Book 8)

Amazon quote:

He’s been in love with her forever. She’s told him no more times than either of them can count. Can Theo and Sorrell find their way through past pain to a happy future together?

Cowboy Theo Lange has worked Fox Hollow Ranch for a while now, and he’s had his eye on the middle Adams sister since the day he started. He’s asked her out plenty of times, but she’s always said no. He knows there’s a story there, but Sorrell Adams hasn’t told it.

Be patient, he tells himself. And don’t ask her out again.

Sorrell Adams had her heart broken a decade ago, when she swore off cowboys for good. She and Theo are friends, and she tells herself this over and over. She likes spending time with him more than anyone else, though. She adores his kindness and his hardworking spirit, and as the days and months pass and she starts to heal, she also starts to wonder when he’ll ask her out again.

Because she’s prepared to say yes the next time he does.

When will he ask?

Maybe Sorrell should ask Theo…


A Cowboy and his Secret Kiss: An Adams Sisters Novel (Chestnut Ranch Romance Book 7)

Amazon quote:

He likes the pretty adventure guide next door, but she wants to keep their relationship off the grid. Can he kiss her in secret and keep his heart intact?

Cowboy Brian Gray has been sneaking off with Serendipity Adams for a couple of months before he breaks things off with her completely. He likes holding her hand in his truck and going to movies with her, but every time he suggests taking their relationship out of the shadows, she balks. Don’t need that in my life, he thinks. He does miss Seren, though.

Serendipity is the tall, awkward, says-what-she-thinks youngest sister in a trio at Fox Hollow Ranch. Her oldest sister is married now, to a cowboy at Chestnut Ranch, and Seren thinks maybe…just maybe…she could have her own Chestnut Ranch cowboy boyfriend too.

But there’s a catch. The middle sister has been hurt by cowboys in the past and Seren made a promise that she’d never date one. She didn’t know she actually liked cowboys…

No one’s ever come knocking on her door for a date. Until Brian…and you sure do like him.

Can Seren figure out how to get her cowboy boyfriend back and preserve her sister’s feelings? Or will Brian stay in the shadows forever?


1531 Entertainment has a suggestion too but it’s Mystery. I think I’ll put it is a separate post this time. Maybe more than one story will show up to keep it company.


I’m excited.

My Kindle e reader has been acting up for awhile, behaving strangely, and now it won’t hold a charge more than a few hours. Forgetting it was tucked under my arm one day and dropping it down the stairs probably hasn’t helped anything either.

There was a notice waiting for me this morning, the new one ordered last night is on the way. This time it’ll come with a cover, anything to give it a softer landing should I happen to forget again.

I’m excited to see the non-black cover.

I figured I needed to be proactive and get the replacement ordered before the current one dies completely leaving me in the lurch. The withdrawal symptoms would be unbearable. I can still remember waiting a week when the last one died. (shudder)

The other thing I’m excited about is double the storage. I’m not sure if some of the strange behavior was space related but hopefully more room will solve any future issues if not present ones.

The other change to get used to will be the lighting. Up until now I’ve been partial to the non-lit screen.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Reading!

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