Read and Enjoyed June 16, 2021

My favorite read so far this week.

I liked everything about this book. The characters, their personalities and interactions. The freshness of the story line, The way it moved along at a steady pace. Details and secrets doled out in layers.

The other thing I liked about it was the handling of the theme/cause which was part of the story structure.

Sometimes, even often times, a particular cause would hijack the story. The reader would be treated to an ongoing education about the subject of the day, painfully aware of the not-so-hidden agenda and the way it dominated.

In this case some educating was involved but it was a seamless part of the story. Creating not even a ripple in the reading experience.

I gave this one of my rare five-stars.

See Me : A sweet, faith-filled fake engagement romance

Fairytale romances can’t happen in real life. Or can they?

It’s love at first sight when reclusive inventor Jesse Buckley meets unemployed music teacher Bronte, moonlighting as a take-out delivery driver. Okay, so splattering guacamole and sour cream over them both wasn’t the best way to impress the woman he hopes to make his wife, but from here on the only way is up, right? Still, maybe offering her a job as his chauffeur and personal assistant wasn’t one of his best ideas.

It means he’ll see her almost every day, sure. It also means, as one of his employees, she’s out-of-bounds. Besides, though he’s had to admit to his failing eyesight, he hasn’t told her yet that one day he’ll become completely blind. And he’s managed to keep the little fact he’s one of the wealthy owners of the business a secret, letting her believe he’s just another staff member.

Desperate to untangle the mess a con man left her life and her finances in, Bronte gratefully said yes to the job Jesse offered her. Spending most of her time with a sweet, kind, handsome guy she could easily fall head-over-heels for wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal. After all, the last man she thought loved her stole everything she had. Her home, her inheritance, her music, her faith, and most of all, her trust in her own judgment. A new love isn’t on her wish list, especially when she can’t shake the feeling Jesse’s hiding something from her.

What neither counted on was Jesse’s ailing grandmother and her determination to see him settled with the right woman. First she beguiles them into a fake engagement neither will admit they want to make real. Then she maneuvers them into accompanying her on a trip to Chapel Cove to visit his former PA, Nai. Could it be, the spring vacation in a small Oregon seaside town will bring love, renewed faith, and God’s sweet healing for them all?


This is still a bargain if you are interested.


The newest addition to the family today. She is so cute both grandma’s are jealous of the new dad. We want one too.

We are not wanting enough to actually do it, but it sure is tempting.

We’ll go over there, love on her and then go on home. Just like grandmas do with the rest of grandkids. 🙂

Apparently training is starting already.

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