Bargain book April 17, 2021

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. It looks interesting but it’s over 600 pages long, not many can pull off an engaging book with that many pages. How many words should have been chopped? Should they have been chopped or do they all work?

Records show I’ve downloaded ten books from this author and I’ve read seven. Most of the downloads were between 2012 and 2017 and memories of those reads are vague. There were two since 2020 and I’ve read one. Not sure why that is except this author’s name comes up on my Tell-Not-Show list (which is not a good thing) and the unread book has disappeared from my device. Maybe that’s why she made the list.

Before I checked my likes and dislikes lists for her name I read the first few pages. Definitely Show not Tell. People put a lot of effort into first pages (usually) so that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. Things could easily go downhill from there and sometimes do, quite dramatically.

668 pages is a huge time commitment, do I really want to do this? Then there is the fact that this is an updated version of a 2015 publication. Maybe that means a big improvement in style?

There could be a chance she made my list unfairly. Nine of the books in my library were Romance and the recent unfinished book was Mystery. Maybe I let one bad experience influence me more than I should have. Maybe I need to give her another chance, possibly in a genre that is more comfortable for her.

There is no law that says I have to read the whole book if it isn’t working for me. There’s no law that says I can’t cut to the end and at least see how it all ends if I really have to know. Maybe in fairness I should take another chance to see if I’ve misjudged her. It’s only a $1.24 after all.

His Longing Heart: Returning Home to St. Simon’s Island… A Christian Small Town Beach Romance (Seaside Chapel Book 1)

Amazon quote:

He is a struggling violinist living in poverty. She is a billionairess violin collector with a trust fund. Living in two different worlds, will their unexpected romance last?

The musician…

Six years ago, Ivan McMillan was a budding crossover violinist on a world tour with his pianist sister. His career was cut short when Grandpa Otto died suddenly, leaving Grandma Yun saddled with enormous medical bills that ate up all their savings. In the midst of Ivan’s struggle to provide for his elderly grandmother and to save their family home from foreclosure, he finds himself falling in love with his billionairess friend, whose lifestyle he cannot afford.

The muse…

After Brinley Brooks’s ex-boyfriend abandons her due to her vow of purity, the twenty-something heiress goes home to St. Simon’s Island to spend time with her family and to accept her life as a single woman. At her sister’s birthday party, Brinley is mesmerized by a violinist friend, Ivan, when he plays one of Bach’s orchestral suites. Music therapy or not, her heart starts to seek its own second movement in her love life. Or is she just lonely? One thing leads to another, and Brinley enters Ivan’s world of material poverty and spiritual wealth.

The minuet of their lives…

When one of Ivan’s worst fears comes to pass, he feels obligated to show Brinley what it means to be a Christian living through adversity. However, trusting God is the last thing on his mind as the crisis affects his career, his life, his family, and his relationship with Brinley. Ivan cannot let her see how far he has sunk. What is a Christian man to do?

His Longing Heart is the first novel in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Seaside Chapel Christian small town beach romance series. This book is the updated second edition of the previously published Share with Me.


668 pages is a lot of pages… that’s like three normal books…

Oh well, it’s done. I hit the purchase button.

My TBR pile is 30 pages x 8 books long. That could be where the angst is coming from.

I could love this book though.



I’ll let you know how it goes.


668 pages is a lot of pages for one book.

It’s the TBR pile that’s killing me.

I hope I love this book and then I’ll be wishing it was longer.

Read with me, I need company on this crazy journey.

How can you tell I’m going into this kicking and screaming. I have no idea why I’m doing this except I liked the first few pages and now I have to know.

I need my head examined.

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