Bargain books November 14, 2020

Today’s bargain suggestions come from BookBub and 1531 Entertaiment. Three authors new to me. I can’t guarantee a good read with any of them but after checking out the first few pages I’m definitely hopeful.

All the Stars: (Unfailing Love Book 5)

Amazon quote:

Gaining her trust won’t be easy. Earning her love will be nearly impossible.

Leah Manning is working to get back on her feet after her ex-husband disappeared one night, leaving her to raise their infant daughter alone. When a trip to a hardware store has her literally falling into the arms of its handsome owner, his charms are hard to resist. But he’s a stranger, and, to her, that means he can’t be trusted. Can she learn to let her faith be stronger than her fear?

Brian Matthews has never met a stranger. A friend to everyone he meets, he can’t understand why Leah is determined to keep him at a distance. He only wants to help, but she can’t accept that he only has the best intentions. It’s a good thing his love is patient.

Leah isn’t ready to let the love she feels for Brian override years of fear, and he’s tired of spending lonely nights playing songs on his guitar to fill the silence. What will it take to show Leah that Brian is the answer to her prayers?


Faith in Abertillery: Historical Romance (Women of Courage Book 2)

Amazon quote:

South Wales, 1905. Faith only believes in the certainty of pain and suffering. Born with a club foot and harboring a dark secret, the barmaid can’t escape her sinful past. But after the country’s religious revival puts her out of a job, hope sparks when a handsome aristocrat gallantly offers her a second chance.

Lord Geoffrey Driscoll fears his estate will run out of money before he can find a suitable bride. However, the devout nobleman can’t keep his mind off the stunning redhead despite her lowly status. As the attraction between them grows, Lord Driscoll is torn between his need for a wife of means and his heart.


Hearts on the Road: Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

Amazon quote:

She’s running from the past. He’s aiming for the future. Can they stop moving long enough to find love?

Randi refuses to invite a man into her life. But when a charming minister steps into the cab of her truck, everything changes. How can Randi consider a new relationship when her heart is still crushed from the past?

As a budding preacher, Matthew knows it’s his calling to minister to truckers. But when he’s partnered to join Randi on a long-haul trip he wonders if his desire to be in her life is God’s choice or his? Could God be pulling him off the road and into Randi’s arms?

A shake up at home forces Randi off the highway unexpectedly, putting the brakes on her unsettled feelings for Matthew. Caught between her fears and her heart Randi wonders if it’s safe to keep driving their relationship forward. When life pulls them in opposite directions, can Randi and Matthew find the road to a one-way romance?


Currently, I’m finishing up a thoroughly enjoyable book. It is still at bargain price too. This author was new to me and it turned out to be a good experience.

Beyond Repair: (Eron Outsiders Book 3) 

Her past is a string of bad choices. Is falling for a wanted ex-gang member one more?

Hiding from her troubled past, Jules Demski sequesters herself in the mountains of Eron, Colorado, the only place she’s ever felt safe. Her solitude is shattered when an injured man staggers into her family’s barn.
Burned once and still in repair, the last thing she needs is another criminal on her hands. If she can only convince her heart of this, she just might be able to resist the interloper’s charm.

Former gangster Lorenzo Macedo has cleaned up his act, but now he’s running for his life. He stumbles upon a barn just as a bullet pierces his body.
Jules appears standoffish and cold, but the tender way she nurses Lorenzo reveals a soft-hearted, passionate woman aching for her own wounds to be healed. No woman has ever set his blood on fire like Jules, but he has nothing to offer her except a life on the run.
Can Jules and Lorenzo find redemption in the small town, or are their lives Beyond Repair


I’m looking forward to one of these three new books as my next read. I think it will be difficult deciding which one but maybe I’ll try Hearts on the Road first.

It’s been a good day for new books. I’m hoping you thinks so too.

Happy Reading y’all

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