Bargain books July 14, 2020

BookBub has an interesting bargain suggestion for us today. I’ve not read anything from this author, which is a good thing. It’s nice meeting new people. This is a collection of five books $0.99

The Spark Brothers: A Christian Contemporary Romance Collection 

The Spark Brothers

Amazon quote:

A Single Spark (Book One): A pop singer running from his past. A deejay who’s given up on men. Will the sparks igniting between them end up in flames or romance?

A Sudden Spark (Book Two):  A writer too shy to speak to women. A single mom who’s sworn off men. Will a marriage of convenience end their friendship or spark a lasting romance? 

The Sweetest Spark (Book Three): A fun-loving ice cream shop owner looking for more than a fling. A straight-laced food critic too scared for love. Will an accident be the spark that drives them apart for good or gives them their sweetest taste of romance yet?

At First Spark (Book Four): A tender-hearted firefighter who’s been burned by love. An optimistic bookstore owner determined to heal his heart. Will the spark that drew them to each other be enough to keep their love burning or will their short-lived romance go down in flames?

An Extra Spark (Book Five): An actor pressured to risk everything for his job. An actress struggling to fit into the Hollywood scene. Will the hazards of show business spark new insecurities or strengthen their bond of trust?


Another bargain, another new author. $1.36 … Beautiful cover.

Fully Involved (Merriville Firefighter Heroes Book 1) 

Fully Involved

Amazon quote:

He fights fires. She saves kids. Can they stop battling each other long enough to realize they want the same thing? Love, family…forever.

Social Worker Cammie Parkson regrets not yanking little Jayden from his home after logging concerns about the mother’s boyfriend. If her supervisor hadn’t vetoed her petition, Cammie wouldn’t be pacing the halls of Cherrydale Children’s Hospital alongside the handsome fire captain who brought Jayden in, waiting for doctors to confirm the suspected abuse. Securing a safe environment for the boy is imperative, so why does Keegan insist on giving her grief? And why does his opinion matter so much…

Fire Captain Keegan Madison has witnessed his share of atrocities, but nothing ignites his ire more than child abuse. Even so, Keegan’s not sure the beautiful social worker’s plan to remove the kid from his home is best for the little dude. But Cammie’s ferocious, protective love for the kids at Cherrydale stirs something deep inside him. When she’s offered the opportunity to launch her program in another state, Keegan must convince the obstinate woman that staying is worth the wait, that love is worth the risk.


Well, that’s only two things but it’s six books. Enough to keep us busy for a while.

Happy Reading!! ...

…on this beautiful sunny day.

A big departure from stormy yesterday with thunder, lightening, power outages and 61 cm of rain. That’s 24 inches! I’m glad I didn’t take time to water the flower beds!

They say there could be more storm today. I’m savoring every moment of blue sky and sunshine while we’re waiting.

What’s the weather like at your house?



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